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2013/10/21 2:10:27
Help me please primaveranz wrote:
Does your PC meets these specs?

2013/10/21 2:09:16
Help me please primaveranz wrote:
Jean_mix wrote:

Is it because I use windows 8?

No, I am using Windows 8 and do not have that problem. Are you running the 64 bit version of the program? Also, do you have a good graphics card and are its drivers up to date?

Yes, I use 64-bit version, my drivers are updated and I use a videocard geforce 9500GT 1GB 128-Bit
2013/10/21 2:06:51
Help me please MrDrWho13 wrote:
Did you make the set on last version of Muvizu? Many users have been having this problem, and only some use Windows 8.

yes, I use the latest version
2013/10/20 14:49:29
Help me please Help me please
I'm having a problem in Muvizu and I can not solve.
The characters do not want to move, just move from time to time, please give me a solution.
Is it because I use windows 8?
2013/10/15 2:45:11
problem with the timeline Hello guys
I have problem in the timeline, when I create characters and give one moves, it moves at the beginning, but then I create another character, it stops moving, why is that?
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