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2014/10/24 14:39:20
DreamWorks competition You don't do it for the prizes. You don't even do it for the acclaim. You do it because it's fun and to show people you can. That's my two cents. I hope you'll reconsider and do your scene recreation anyway. I'd like to see it. Curse of the Wererabbit's an awesome flick.
2014/10/23 19:42:50
6 Fatal Errors in 4 hours of work...What can I do? That's very true. I discovered pretty quickly that my laptop isn't quite robust enough to run the more complicated sets without turning off the lights first and only turning them back on when I'm ready to record. When I'm able to upgrade to a new system, I'll need to make sure it's optimized for video production 'cause my current setup isn't.
2014/10/23 17:33:47
Digimania News joeactor wrote:
You might try the "Voice Acting Alliance" forum.
They do a lot of fan dubs and may have some actors willing to work for credit.

Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely try that sometime.
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2014/10/23 1:44:18
How to hold a pose? Okay, thanks for the info. I can make the scene work, i'll just have to rework it a bit. No sweat.
2014/10/23 1:41:39
Digimania News I would be more active, but I can only go so far voicing characters myself. In my current project, I voiced five different characters and tried to have different sounding voices for each (changing the pitch with Audacity helped), but it's not easy. I could do more if I had voice actors, but I'm unsure about contacting any (amateurs with audition reels on youtube for instance) because I don't know whether they would expect to be paid, and since I have no money to pay anyone with...yeah.
2014/10/23 0:55:46
How to hold a pose? Hi! I'm trying to animate two characters having a phone conversation but both of the "phone" animations are too short and apparently can't be looped. Is there any way to freeze a character in a certain position?
2014/8/2 4:05:09
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set Thanks for all your help! I finally got it to download fully. I ran an online program to test whether my ISP was blocking downloads and it said they weren't. On a hunch, I ran a system restore and rolled it back to a few days ago and that fixed the problem. The bad part is that probably means I caught a virus and there's no way of knowing where I caught it since a lot of the time (at least in my experience), they like to hide in the ads on completely normal websites I visit every day. Sigh.
2014/8/1 16:24:36
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set I installed Free Download Manager and tried it again and it's still stopping at 110MB. The in-program log says "connection to server was lost, server does not support download resuming". What should I try next?
2014/8/1 2:40:33
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set It says I've reached the maximum allowed number of downloads. Should I bother going through the whole process to try again?
2014/7/31 23:51:19
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set I use 7zip since that works with all kinds of archive files. Does that make a difference? It's never given me trouble before. I tried opening it with windows explorer and it said the file was invalid.
2014/7/31 22:52:23
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set I tried downloading it again, but it still says the same thing, "cannot open as archive". Won't let me open it, won't let me extract it. And I'm in the southeast US, if that helps.
2014/7/31 22:07:56
How do I share custom character models? Thanks! I'll do that.
2014/7/31 22:06:36
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set Thanks! This looks like exactly what I need. However, it won't let me download it. I tried twice and both times, it stopped at 110MB. Any idea what the problem is?
2014/7/31 19:19:52
How do I share custom character models? Hello! If I wanted to take a custom character model from my favorites list and email it to someone to use in their software, how would I do that? Is that even possible?
2014/7/31 19:15:49
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set Hi all! I've begun a collaboration with someone I met on another forum and if anyone here is willing, I need a set made. The story we're working on takes place in a small, isolated country town and there aren't any preexisting sets that fit what I'm looking for. I need a "main street" with five or six buildings on each side and a couple of alleys in between the buildings. If anyone's interested in doing this, I'll be sure to include your name in the credits.
2014/7/7 16:09:33
Sketchup to Muvizu Hey, quick question: I wanted to try importing stuff and I just downloaded the latest version of Sketchup, but the tutorial doesn't seem to work for me because there is no plugins folder. There are folders for importers and exporters that have dll files in them, so I tried putting the muvizu ase exporter in the exporters folder. When I open Sketchup, though, there is no plugins menu and the ase format doesn't show up as an option when I click on export. HELP!

EDIT: Nevermind. I found the other thread where you already answered this. I'll download the older version and try again.
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2014/5/23 23:15:39
Lugofilm Ltd Presents Greetings, Programs! I'm back with a new episode of Busted:

I'd had the script finished ages ago and finally got off my butt to produce it. As always, feedback is appreciated.
2014/4/23 16:37:12
Hello Everyone! Hello! To answer your question, here's how I get two characters to converse. There may be other solutions, but this is what works for me:

1. Download the free audio recording/editing software Audacity.
2. Record your dialogue using whatever program you normally use, making sure to save each individual line as a separate audio file.
3. Drag and drop all dialogue into Audacity. This will initially place all the audio files on top of one another.
4. In the Edit menu, go down to the Select sub-menu and tell it to select all.
5. In the Tracks menu, go down to the Align Tracks sub-menu and tell it to align end to end. This should generate one long audio file of the whole conversation.
6. In the File menu, select Export and save the audio track wherever you like.
7. Once you have everything set up in Muvizu, import this audio file.
8. Synch both characters to the audio track. Which ever one speaks first, set them initially to talk and set the other one initially to shush.
9. Go to record dialogue with the first character and have them talk on their lines and shush during the other character's lines. This is done in real time as the audio track plays, so you may need to move the talk and shush markers after recording to fine tune it.
10. Repeat this process with the other character.

And voila! You now have two characters talking to one another. Hope that helps!
2014/4/18 14:54:47
The Copyright people are out of control! That's true, and when I plan a project now, I try to find creative commons music that fits just to avoid any hassle, but if I needed to use a specific pre-existing piece for the sake of a joke I don't see why I can't "borrow" if I'm not profiting from it.
2014/4/14 13:09:49
Space Oddity with Muvizu ! Awesome work, dude! Way to go!
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