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2013/11/23 16:35:22
Muvizu tryout Great job, dude! It's a lot better than my first effort (although I think I have been improving a bit with each new short). I'll look forward to seeing what else you come up with.
2013/11/22 19:09:37
Lugofilm Ltd Presents
2013/11/21 3:35:18
Lugofilm Ltd Presents First episode of a planned series. Let me know what you think:
2013/11/20 19:21:34
Youtube Content ID policy urbanlamb wrote:
The only situation I can think of is more visual and its more about fan art then making money.

Right. That's what I was doing with Avenue Q. I keep hoping someone will turn that show into a movie, so I was trying to visualize what that might be like. Even after I upgrade to Play+ (which I plan on doing eventually), I probably won't ever monetize my youtube channel because I want to be able to make fanfilms alongside my original stuff without getting into any trouble. And even if the length of the copyright terms don't change, at the very least it needs to be made so that it only counts as infringement if you're trying to make money off of someone else's work (which is what the term piracy actually means, despite what the lawyers want people to believe). For example, if I were to make a Superman cartoon with no intention of trying to profit from it, I should be allowed to use John Williams' score as long as the project is just for fun. Conversely, if I were trying to sell it, WB would have every right to knock on my door because they own the rights to the character and everything that goes with it.

As it happens, I have bookmarked several sites with public domain/creative commons music and I actually am planning to just use that unless I need to use a specific piece of music for the sake of a joke (which is generally allowed under the parody clause) because a lot of it is every bit as good as commercial music and I don't have to worry about lawsuits. For those interested, I recommend and
2013/11/20 17:30:55
Youtube Content ID policy Yeah, thanks. I actually didn't figure out until last night that you have to upload via this site if you want your stuff in the gallery, which is why my other two videos aren't here. I uploaded them to youtube directly. Live and learn. Just playing around with the different settings, character options, etc. is giving me tons of ideas for both original shorts and ones based on preexisting stuff so it's good to have a guideline to follow. As near as I can figure it, youtube only flags music that was commercially released so, for example, my Avenue Q video got flagged (they apparently felt the need to block it in Germany, and ONLY Germany. Weird), but Quick Bits 1 didn't because the song was from a TV cartoon. As long as you're not putting ads on your videos or trying to make money off it in any way, I don't see why it should make a difference, but the copyright Nazis tend to be jerks about this, so we're just gonna have to deal with it 'til the younger generation can get some seats in congress and reform copyright law (which it SERIOUSLY friggin' needs).

EDIT: To clarify, I don't think that copyright should be done away with altogether, but I do think it should be rolled back to the original 28-year maximum, after which stuff would go into the public domain, and that such a rollback should be applied retroactively (so, for example, if it happened this year, everything from 1985 and before would be fair game).
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2013/11/20 4:01:02
Youtube Content ID policy It shouldn't. They did the same thing to my Avenue Q video, but it still showed up in the gallery here. That is a good question, though. Can we get some clarification on this?
2013/11/19 10:15:33
Change Clothes? Is there a way to make a character change clothes in the free version (as in, they're wearing one thing in one shot, you cut away for a second, come back and they're wearing something else)? I know I could render the first shot, swap outfits, then render the second shot separately, but I was wondering if there was any other way to accomplish this. Also, as long as I'm asking questions, is there any way to transform one character into another (like if I wanted a guy to change into a monster)? Again, I realize I could do two separate shots with a third in between, but I was hoping to be able to actually show the transformation if possible.
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2013/11/18 23:27:30
Different People dargo9000 wrote:
ik i cnt download the m&m i ment how do i downlaod Muvizu play+

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2013/11/18 20:46:10
Lugofilm Ltd Presents
2013/11/17 16:41:55
Lugofilm Ltd Presents From now on, I'm gonna put all my videos here so I don't clutter up the board with multiple threads. Here's a new video I made this morning!:

As always, feedback is appreciated.
2013/11/17 2:18:06
My First Muvizu Project Hi all! After taking a couple of days to get the hang of stuff, I finished my first video. Start to finish, it only took one day. Let me know what you guys think.

2013/11/14 1:04:46
Navigating in muvizu I had the same problem at first. Try using the keyboard. A,D,W,S and the directional keys move your view around and if you just tap the keys, it moves in small increments. It takes slightly longer to position your view that way, but it's far less frustrating. Hope that helps!
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2013/11/13 23:24:21
New User Here! Hi all! I'm Vince and I just started using your software today. I have to say, I am super impressed with it. I've always wanted to make my own animated films, but other software I've tried was either too complicated for me to figure out (Blender), or the results weren't quite what I was hoping for when I bought it (Anime Studio Debut 8). I'm thrilled to have finally found something I can actually use and I will definitely be putting some time in to learn all the ins and outs. Se ya around!
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