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2010/8/14 11:15:04
graphics card hi just downloaded application, bit of a tech fobe, application is so slow it is unusable, do i need a graphics card, if so which one/kind. please send help fast
2010/8/14 10:58:17
Common Problems Hi, as a newbie, and i have to say a bit tech fobic, i need some advise, having downloaded the application, it appears very slow, almost impossible to use, i have a toshiba satellite pro, about two years old, to make the programme work quicker do i need a graphics card. bearing in mind i live in spain, no pc world just a few bars and the sea, if a graphic card will cure the slowness, can i download the item, if so what and where, sorry to be such a thicky, but after seeing muvizu on click i would really like to get involved, please send help fast.
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