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2013/11/26 20:16:35
stacks of cash fazz68 wrote:
if you mean the stacks of cash in the assets, they are .ase files and import ok for me. i dont know why the ok button isnt working for you. all i can say is try again and see what happens.

Yes the stacks of cash in the assets, I don't know why but it works now
thanks for your time
2013/11/26 15:01:35
stacks of cash I can i import stacks of cash into a scene, i tried but it doesn't work, the OK button in import object is not functionnal
2013/11/23 15:47:24
effects Hi i'm trying to put a Stars effect over a character's head after a hit and when i do the effect takes place for the whole scene instead of starting only after the hit
is there a way of doing that.
2013/11/23 14:40:50
reverse animation Hi,
is it possible to reverse an animation, ex. if a character falls on his back from right to left is there a way to reverse the animation from left to right
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