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2010/8/8 18:55:22
Help with program not loading up? Ah okay, well i thought i had the up to date direct x but i believe it requires the SDK as well which im not sure if you get in a standard update, i got my fix from this thread, // Although its not the same error i thought i would give the suggestions a try. i used this link // If that doesnt do it for ya then hopefully glasgowjim can solve it for ya good luck.
2010/8/8 11:36:58
Help with program not loading up? its okayy it was my directX
2010/8/8 10:55:56
Help with program not loading up? Hi, im new here and just installed muvizu, however when i double click for it to load it comes up with a box for downloading or loading stuff, when it gets to remote manifest or something along those lines it crashes and windows starts searching for a solution, which comes to nothing. Im running .net framework 4 and have C++ support package 2008 as far as i know, running windows 7, intel P4 3.06GHz with 2GB ram and 512 Graphics card.
Any suggestions? thanks!
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