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2017/3/15 21:18:40
Struck by a lightning Thanks a lot, PatMarrNC. I'll try your ideas. I think they could work quite well.
2017/3/15 19:23:02
Struck by a lightning I'm trying to do one of my characters was struck by a lightning. He's dancing (in the rain) and I've thought I could paralyse him in his previous posture and paint him black, but I don't know if paralysing a character in the middle of a movement is possible. Does somebody know how do it?
2016/12/1 18:44:41
Crying Thanks a lot, MrDrWho13. I didn't realise I had to combine the character effects and the character properties. Now it runs perfectly.
2016/12/1 17:53:22
Crying I'm trying one of my characters cry. I've put him in a "crying position" (with the character's actions) but I'm not able to add him animated tears in the right moment. I select tears in the effects of the character and the tears appear constantly or they never appear. Could anybody help me?

Thanks in advance.
2016/9/13 18:00:52
Greek philosophers Thanks a lot, Clayster. I've downloaded the file and I'm going to see them in Muvizu, but we think they look great.
2016/9/13 17:59:23
Greek philosophers Thanks for your offer, Pat Marr, but I think Clayster's models are what we need.
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2016/9/12 18:18:31
Hello from Spain Thanks by your warm welcome, Clayster. I've seen the community is great. I've posted a question this afternoon and it's already been answered.
2016/9/12 17:23:26
Greek philosophers Thanks, Ziggy!

I suppose we'll have to manage with the Boy. Blender and Sketchup are beyond our knowledge at this moment.
2016/9/12 16:25:50
Greek philosophers We're working in some videos about the origin of the Philosophy. We've tried to do some tunics for our philosophers, but, as we haven't found a model of man with a skirt or a tunic, they look like if they wear a sort of diaper. Could somebody help us with this?

2016/9/12 16:10:44
Hello from Spain Hi everybody,

We are a couple from Spain. We are interested in creating educational videos about Philosophy for high school.
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