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2014/5/12 16:14:17
How can I use smooth transitions between scenes? Hi,
I'm trying to join a few movie clips with the video joiner, but the transitions are not smooth, and I would like to enter some sort of devider between the scenes that will display text on a black background (similar to the 'credits' that comes in the end, as I saw in some movizu demos), is it possible to do it?
2014/5/12 16:03:33
How do I use background music? Thanks, I'll do that.
2014/5/12 15:45:38
How do I use background music? Hi,
I have seen this tutorial about using background music while dialog is on, but it seems this feature had changed with the new interface, and I can't figure out how to do it.
can anyone refer me to an updated tutorial?
thanks guys.
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