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2014/7/19 13:49:07
how to lipsync in a conversation I have a problem with lipsynching. With the start of the conversation the two characters talk and lip syn correctly. But when the first character comes back to say something, after the interval of the second speaker, the lipsynching disappears from the first sentence. Perhaps the problem is in that I have not been able to use one and the same sound track for one speaker. Because of this difficulty I have been creating a second sound track for the first speaker. This means when two characters converse with three line, I create six sound tracks three for each.
So I will be grateful if someone tells me how to either use just one track for one character. Or let the lipsynching not disappear when creating more than one sound track.
2014/7/19 13:29:26
how to get a disguise like a donkey We want to dress a human character a donkey's disguise. How to get that or make that? thanks in advance
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