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2014/5/13 2:31:15
Soooooo tempted! Go ahead!

I'd LOVE to see it
2014/4/11 17:24:20
Transparent AVI? I've tried that. It didn't work, though.
2014/4/4 1:22:32
thumbnails ziggy72 wrote:
Re-installing should fix it, but you could also try right-clicking on the set file and use Open With.. to force Windows to reassociate the .set files with Muvizu.

That should work.
2014/4/1 1:38:14
Creating a video--verrrry slow!! fazz68 wrote:
primaveranz wrote:
fazz68 wrote:
6 hrs is pretty long but understandable..

Lol, I have obviously led a very sheltered Muvizu life.
My longest render has probably been around 2 minutes, but then I never try to render more than 20 secs at a time and I am very careful only to include stuff that will be visible in the final shot and to use green screens where possible. Also my PC is not too much of a dog

i think my pc has just about reached its muvizu end, but it has given me hundreds of hours muvizu rendering and been pushed to its limit for a few years. so it aint done to bad a job Big Grin

The longest video I've ever rendered took a few minutes. But then again, my computer is the fastest one they had at the store.
2014/3/25 0:45:22
Cannibals InsaneHamster wrote:
lol thanks Octo, I ddin't even get to post on your goodbye post and your already back lol. This place is like crack. it's addicting.

But thanks for the ideas I appreciate it very much.

I'm not leaving really, I'll only come on not so often. I posted that right after the goodbye. I'm posting this because I just got home. octo-crab out!
2014/3/25 0:43:11
Goodbye Yes, I will come on every few days or so, I guess. But not so often.
2014/3/24 2:47:14
Cannibals How about "A Joke a Day," or "Classic Comedy," or "Insert Title Here." Actually, that last one seems pretty good.
2014/3/23 19:35:40
Goodbye Valero wrote:
So long fellow muvisuer, I hope is for a good reason...

Yes, unfortunately, I no longer have time with my new job. See ya later, Valero.
2014/3/23 18:30:47
Goodbye I have officially quit the Muvizu website. I'm still using the program, but will no longer be using the site. Most of you have probably already forgotten or never met me, but I felt like I should write a proper farewell. So farewell!


Good luck, and goodbye

2014/3/5 3:48:37
IMPORT????? Okay, I suppose there are a million topics of this. Please give me a link to one of them.
How do I import from Sketchup? I can do some parts, others are complicated. dunno

I'd like a step-by-step tutorial or something, and a lot of help. I have the plug-in, but that's pretty much it.

Good luck, and IMPORT?????

2014/3/4 1:18:35
Nova usuária brasileira Hello, I am new in Muvizu, and I'm trying to make a surprise for my husband,
but I'm having trouble, do not have too many topics in Portuguese,
someone could help me, a Brazilian friend released the book in Portuguese,
but the link has expired.
From already thank you

That's what my translator got. Anyone here that actually speaks Portuguese?

Good luck, and esta tradução é, provavelmente, muito ruim. But I used it anyway!
2014/3/4 1:14:26
Asset Creation fazz68 wrote:
as the 3d assets are no longer. here is a brief guide on how i do the process Big Grin

2014/3/2 18:27:07
wink? Oh, yes. I really wish you could turn breathing off.

I should probably add that the control of this new "not breathing" feature will be a checkbox in the character's edit dialog. It won't be something that you can turn on and off within a movie. I'm assuming (hoping) this is still all fine and dandy?

That was said by a Muvizu staff member on another topic.
2014/3/2 18:18:01
Asset Creation Dreeko wrote:
octo-crab wrote:
Was that a good-bye post, Dreeko?

The Beatles are great! Wiggle
2014/3/1 20:33:55
Asset Creation Hmm. Long topic. I'm not exactly sure where I stand on this subject. Was that a good-bye post, Dreeko?
2014/2/23 20:54:41
My first movie in just a day I also noticed that your profile picture was a screencap of it. But anyway, good show, good show! Eat popcorn
2014/2/23 17:27:04
Muvizu não abre Sinto muito, mas isso significa que os gráficos do seu computador não são poderoso o suficiente para baixar Muvizu. Foi a razão pela qual eu di não baixar o programa quando eu vi pela primeira vez em 2003. Eu tenho um computador melhor agora, e eu consegui. Você pode substituir o cartão, mas é muito caro. Espero que alguém possa te ajudar.

Good luck, eu usei o Google Translate

2014/2/23 14:56:20
My first movie in just a day Wow, that's a good video for only owning Muvizu for a day.
2014/2/23 0:46:23
A Picture of Me I made this little poster with my Muvizu avatar just for fun. I'd like your feedback, and like to know if you find the little secrets throughout. Party
And yes, that's my user picture in there. Yes, I am that kind of person who puts themselves in the spotlight in something like this. No, I don't like to admit it.

Good luck, and I'm getting sick of this stupid sign-off

2014/2/22 17:36:26
Posing when editing character. Yeah, I think it would be better as an option, for us who enjoy it. (With the default being "Off," of course.)
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