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2010/8/10 22:46:32
Can't get it to run Well finaly got it to start loading only to find my stupid graphics card needs shader 2 on it
I thinks somone up there hates me
2010/8/8 22:01:49
Can't get it to run
get to this part says done then crashes
have directx 10 on ans windows XP
2010/8/8 20:01:00
Can't get it to run Hi
I have tried to get Muvizu to work all day on my computer but it starts the launcher loads the 3rd thing on the list
them crashes for no reason
I have an Amd 2.0ghz running Dirrectx9.0b Radeon 9200se graphics card
i just can't get it to work
I have the Unreal 3 engine running on my computer with no probs
but for some reason this wont run
any help
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