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2014/3/26 14:18:13
Asset Creation chuckles wrote:
Some of you talk about "Community". This died When Muvizu started Putting their own Animations up on the Gallery, and they ignored any suggestions in how to improve it, such as going back to double the number of icons.
I rarely get any feedback on my uploads, which is awful for me because the feedback is the whole reason I use Muvizu.
Most of my favourite Muvizuers seem to have stopped uploading altogether. Have they all gone Commercial ? If so, good luck to them, they deserve it, but it would be nice to know.
If The Community is still breathing then please let me know. I miss it.

I'm a newbie. I like the community for the information it provides. I have problems, but rather than putting it out in forums and such, I'd spend lots of time reading to find a solution unable to comment because I'm still getting my head around it all. I've managed producing a few videos receiving the odd comment, which is great. I'm not sure who the community is who leave the comments as I'm not familiar with the name associations? I deliberately create mistakes when making videos because it's these mistakes, that people remember the video's. I not worried about the comments. Think about it!
The bigger picture concerning EPICS, takes considerable time to collaborate resources to tell the story. Setting up the scenes takes most of the effort. Producing scripts, voices, not so. I'm incorporating a multitude of media types to make the whole. Not simply relying and expecting Muvizu format to have and provide everything to complete the final product!
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