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2015/7/7 15:39:10
Can't download Full version I am trying to download the new update of Muvizu, 64 but but the link is disabled for me.
I click on buy, it says I have already bought the product (which I have) but still no way to download full 500 MB version.
2014/1/14 8:58:07
First EVER sale! joeactor wrote:
I am definitely interested...

One question: does the licence purchase include any upgrades/updates to the software?
(or will I need to buy again at some future point?)


I had the same question. I will wait for an answer from admins.
2014/1/14 8:53:31
DirectX 11? Muvizu fails to open when I change the configurations to load DirectX 11 instead of DX 9.
Is this expected?

I am running on Windows 8.1, DX 11, 8GB RAM.
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