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2014/2/5 9:57:11
Sound Designer needs Stereoscopic Hello, I am an international award winning sound designer (The great Gatsby, Happy Feet, The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole) that wants to collaborate on a 3D stereoscopic animation. Why you ask? I am also working on a PhD that is researching the relationship between stereoscopic film and current cinema sound. I am after a stereoscopic animation with plenty of negative parallax so that I can test some of my findings.

The catch:
I do not expect any payment for this, however I will be selective as to what project I work on. I will provide 'several' versions of the soundtrack including a standard 5.1 mix, plus several of my own soundtracks that show my research findings. In lieu of payment, I would like to be given free copyright usage of the film so that I can play the film at any conferences that I present at to demonstrate my research findings.

I will only consider the following:
- An animated stereoscopic film that does not yet have a soundtrack
- A film that hasn't been released or screened at any festivals yet
- The film must be of a professional and film festival standard.

If you have a film that fits the criteria please contact me at: 3D(at)damiancandusso.com
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