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2015/3/1 15:55:52
Muvizu Video output problem! Everytime I try to 'make a video'and the video is actually made, the screen just goes grey-ish and gives a strange noise (which isnot in the actual muvizu video). How can I fix this?
2014/7/25 14:01:52
A few problems! ukBerty wrote:
Enricod - I'm afraid it's a bug.

Everything is going great and then one character refuses to move when you record. In playback mode it's fine.

You can close and re-open the set or copy the character and redo the movement.

Sorry - we're waiting on a fix.

Thank you for your fast response!
Guess I will have to wait then!
2014/7/25 13:22:04
A few problems! If I make a Muvizu vid, most of the time someone at the end doesnot do his given movement! While his movement is there and his movement isnot red. If I scroll over it, she does the movement! Can someone explain me what this problem is?
Also sometimes Muvizu seems to be like, I won't work at the most random points. How can I change this? I have a good enough pc for it so that won't be a problem!
Please help :S

Every tips and help is/ are welcome! Big Grin!
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