Muvizu chat

    • Over a year ago
    • Who is the contact person now?? I have muvizu play plus and think I'll need to reload. I'm afraid to though because I'll lose what little I have. I need some help here. I want a program I can trust...Thanks...
    • Over a year ago
    • So what's the word. Are we going to lose muvizu or what? It would be a shame if we did. I would hate to lose this product and would still like to be able to reload it if my computer died or something. Any new details?
      • Over a year ago by MrDrWho13
      • No word on what's happening to the company yet. Your licence is in the form of a folder called Licence in the MuvizuGame part of the install folder. Move this to a new copy on the same computer and you should be set. It's tied to your MAC address.