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    • Over a year ago
    • had an update fail when trying to post via muvizu format, so I uploaded directly to youtube.

      Its the remains of an experiment; I will attempt more along this line...
      • 10 months ago by thomasfrank
      • Hey, would you like to join me for a round of Friday Night Funkin'? fnf is a blast, and I think you'll love the rhythm challenges!"
      • 10 months ago by thomasfrank
      • Ready to show off your beatboxing skills in a friendly Friday Night Funkin' showdown? Let's hit the virtual dance floor together!
        Play now:
    • Over a year ago
    • I've attempted an experiment, is there a direct link from Muvizu to youtube uploads?
      • Over a year ago by Marco_D
      • Hi there,

        You can link your YouTube account to your Muvizu account. You can do it on your Muvizu account settings.
        Then you just need to upload it to YouTube through our website.
        Your video will be available on our gallery and on YouTube.
      • Over a year ago by AlterEgoTrip
      • thanks, I did that but then it took a while for the video to appear, I guess it just works that way, but thanks for the speedy reply! :)


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