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16/10/2012 16:07:04

DyllyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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You may have noticed how quiet I've been of late? I did have a bit of a holiday in August, boating and fishing on the Norfolk Broads and of late I've had one or two problems organising respite care for my Dad who has the early stages of dementia. You see once a month we end up paying over £600 so my Step Mum can have a much needed and deserved break for five days.Now I visit Dad while he's in respite care, and although the place is clean and the staff friendly Dad was not happy at all.

Dad started out his working life as deckhand on the last surviving Humber Keel under sail 'The Comrade'. After a couple of years he left The Comrade and joined the Royal Navy at sixteen. Worked his way up to Chief Petty Officer and sailed on everything from Destroyers to Submarines did a stint with the Special Boat Service and came out of the Senior Service as a marine engineer, trained midwife and marksman. Strange combination...but there you go. Dad finished his working life as a Social Worker... of all things. Specialising in the care of the elderly, which is why I don't like seeing him in the home, no matter how essential it is.

When I was a kid, no more than five or six, dad took the whole family on holiday on the Norfolk Broads boating. I've returned year after year to indulge my passion for all things boating and fishing. Now after this years holiday I made a decision...

I've bought a 33 ft traditional wooden Norfolk Broads Cruiser, three cabins plus centre cockpit, all amenities (including flushing bog...essential), showers heating etc, just needs a spot of renovation about 180ft of planking and a couple of gallons of varnish and a 240v inverter so my computers can come too. Dad and I will be spending at least one week per month, minimum, on board The Royal Tudor renovating her as we go.

We've already purchased five life jackets, four for the crew and one for the ships Beagle and a teak wine rack for my Rioja. So if you are ever on the Norfolk Broads and see us cruising past, come and join us for a 'snifter'!
16/10/2012 16:42:57

simonhefferMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Ahh, I can see a whole set of nautical assets coming our way.

Sounds fab, especially the Rioja - my favourite tipple (and I'm off to Andalucia in a couple of weeks - woo hoo! - with my Dad whose just had a heart attack and a couple of TIAs).

Hope it goes well.

16/10/2012 16:43:04

IanSExperimental userMuvizu staff
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Wow Dylly, living the dream! You'll need to come and sail it up the Clyde one day

P.S. Can't be too many ex-SBS out there trained in midwifery!
16/10/2012 16:50:50

WozToonsExperimental user
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Sorry to hear about your Dad's condition Dylly, sounds like he's led a fascinating life. Hopefully the boat trips will help with his condition. I admire your guts in taking on such a big project, hopefully you won't need the life jackets if you are careful with the drills, nail gun and Rioja.

May god bless The Royal Tudor and all who sail in her.
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