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26/08/2015 17:06:11

drewiMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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to set up in blender, - file - user preferences.
addons - import export.
make sure the relevant items are ticked.

then i simply import the .obj (which i usually create in anim8or)
and immediately export as .fbx
ready to load into muvizu.

my file is exported from anim8or (a free, brilliant 3d modeling/animation tool)
using the wavefront plugin obj (an additional install required)
which is different from anim8ors standard wavefront .obj export.
the plugin comes in an .a8s form and needs to be placed in your anim8or scripts directory
when you come to export your object scroll down the options and make sure you select the wavefront plugin obj rather than the simple wavefront .obj
plugin for anim8or -
latest anim8or release -

you have to create a scripts directory after installing anim8or........simple enough task, just make a series of folders wherever you like with the appropriate names and direct the configure interface, box options.

the topic is closed

Home ? Tips & Tricks ? anim8or - blender - muvizu..............obj to.fbx