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20/05/2016 19:08:32

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Around a year ago, I though I saw a Muvizu function as well as a tutorial on how to render Muvizu for 3D Anaglyph (video that uses the Red & Blue 3D glasses...

Was I just imagining things (again)? Can anyone give me a pointer?

FYI - I saw this tut - while extremely helpful, its not exactly what I was looking for.

I thought there was just a option in rendering that could be set to make the Muvizu video output as Anaglyph?
muchas gracias,
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20/05/2016 19:12:27

MrDrWho13Muvizu mogulExperimental user
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I'll have a look and edit this post if I find anything, but I think you need to manually place 2 cameras next to each other and render the whole scene for each. Then you'd need to import this into a 3D ready video editor and upload it to youtube, enabling the 3D mode which allows users to choose the red/blue glasses mode.

I can't find anything except a couple of feature requests (and potentially a hint that this feature will be built into Muvizu at some point).
I know that Fman00 has done this a couple of times fairly successfully, so maybe you could message him or I'll poke him to share the top tips here.

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Home ? Tips & Tricks ? Muvizu renders "Red/Blue"|Anaglyph | stereoscopic?