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20/09/2010 01:53:56

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Its been a month or two since I discovered Muvizu and I'd like to make a few suggestions! One of the first things I wished for while putting sets together was the ability to lock items. When I was working up close putting the finer details in place I would often accidentally move other objects like buildings, roads, trees, backdrops etc. etc. It would be nice to lock items in place by clicking on say a little padlock icon in the objects property window.

Better control over character movement. This one as been mentioned a few times but because of its importance I feel it warrants another mention. Personally I have great difficulty getting characters to move from one point to another in a nice straight smooth line, it maybe because I use an upside-down mouse, I don't know, but when I move my characters they seem to be walking all over the place as if they've had one to many (or is that me?) Either way I have trouble. So somewhere along the lines of a way-point system would help, you could give the first way-point a command i.e. Walk and when the character reaches the second way point the command could be run etc. etc.

Camera movement. Again worth another mention! Much like the character movement, the camera needs to be on a rail, or a miniature Railway Tycoon kind of thing!

Light movement. Search light/Disco etc.

Object movement. Cars etc.

Lock On. I'd like cameras and characters to be able to track other objects.

Timeline. I'd love the ability to be able to drop gesture commands into the timeline so I don't have to direct!

Exact copy and paste. Copying a character also copies all of its movements/gestures too.

Multiple commands. Giving a movement/gesture to one character in a group gives the command to all characters in that group.

Direction. The ability to add the compass direction of an object would be useful, like when adding roads, or building blocks etc.

Images projected from spots lights are relevant to camera position. I know this is an Unreal engine bug... Any word on a fix?

Muvizu 64: I hear its coming :-)

I had a few other too but they slip my mind at the moment.

20/09/2010 09:49:20

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Hi Frendor

These are great suggestions and they have been added to the "Wish List" spreadsheet I maintain. It gets wheeled out after every release to inform our workload for the next one. The good news is that camera, object and light movement is coming so keep an eye open for updates. Initially this will be simple movements so don't expect a car's wheels to turn or anything that fancy, yet.

20/09/2010 09:56:35

NeilExperimental userMuvizu staff
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Locking objects is also coming.
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