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02/02/2017 16:10:41

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Hi guys,

It's a very early-stage job offer and nothing is set in stone as of just yet but we are laying some groundwork here.

Our company is a fast growing French defence company with businesses revolving around defending human, material and immaterial assets of companies all over the world and particularly in the most dangerous zones (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Nigeria etc.).

I'm leading a project there which aims at teaching employees how to react in a number of "dangerous situations" through e-learning modules. It goes from surviving to an active shooter attacking your bar, to crossing a checkpoint in Africa safely, preparing your trip, travelling as a woman in Iraq, detecting microphones in your hotel room, facing a child-soldier, intercultural management and so-on an so forth. So thanks to Muvizu we are creating short movies (about 3 to 4 min each) for each of these topics and its working fantastic, our clients love it.

They love it so much that we will need to start expanding our team in a near future. We are looking for a Muvizu lover who could fulfil most of the following criteria but we are strongly encouraging anyone who is interested to contact us:

Job description:

Job title:
Muvizu Artist Intern or Freelance (it's a start )
Reporting to: Arnaud EMERY (me).

Purpose of the position:
To create Muvizu sets, characters, animate them and export the result as .avi or PNG sequences according to our needs. The aim is to recreate through Muvizu fictional situations illustrating a lesson (i.e. how to survive an armed robbery when you are a client in a jewellery). We already have finished a number of these movies and a trailer. The project is already 7 months old and well under-way with a well established team working on it. We are looking for someone who would help us go even faster by joining us in this adventure.


Ideally you live in France (even better if you live around Paris) but we can also consider candidates living abroad. You will certainly start home-working and depending on how the project goes, we will open part time or full time position in Paris at a later stage. You would probably start working for us as a freelance. But if you are a french student living in Paris we could consider an internship in our offices.

None, we are looking for somebody who loves animating on Muvizu, no matter if he/she is/was a student, a baker, a butcher, a trader or a CEO.

Academic qualifications:
None, as long as you can read and speak you are good to go. We are not looking for a professional with an academic background in animation or 3D and are really open to any kind of profile, we'll train you if needs be.

Essential skills:
You know your way around Muvizu and really like that software.
You know how to use and import .obj and .ase files from the Sketch-Up Warehouse into Sketch-Up and finally into Muvizu at least.
You can express yourself and be understood in either French or English.

Desirable skills:
You know your way around custom character textures.
If you know your way around Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Express, FinalCut Pro or sound editing software, its always welcomed.
Speaking French is a definite plus, other languages are also welcomed.

Material requirements:
You have your own computer and Muvizu Play + (if possible with every add-on) .
Ideally you are able to export in 1920x1080.

Personal qualities & behavioural traits that will make the difference:

You are a friendly, enthusiastic and good-natured person.
You are smart and like thinking outside of the box.
You are organized enough to know and appreciate the intricate beauty of the word "deadline", all the more if you have set said deadline yourself.
You want to grow as a human being, you are eager to learn and you have a positive way of seeing the world.

Salary : To be discussed, likely on a per project basis.

Contact :

End note : Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to participate in the project, even if you have no purpose or desire to abandon your current job, or move to Paris in the near future. If you have spare time to invest with us (or do not meet all criteria) send us an email !

Thanks for reading and do not hesitate to forward this offer to anybody you know who might be interested.
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Home ? Collaboration Requests ? [JOB OFFER : FRANCE] LF a Muvizu Lover