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Home ? Importing Assets ? After Update, model colors gone! ugh.

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13/03/2012 16:01:55

HayManMarcExperimental user
Posts: 128
I've been working on building an airplane cockpit. I used sketchup and imported the parts to Muvizu. After some persistence, I managed to get my model together and colored. Then I saved my work.

Muvizu has been prompting me to Update, so I decided to do so. After the update, I noticed things loading a little faster and thought that was nice. I also noticed that my saved project was now showing up under the 'recent' tab. The thumbnail looked fine, and I loaded it up.

HOWEVER, after it loaded, the texture colors are gone! The model is back to it's 'import pink' color. I opened the properties tab to change them back, but the colors were still in the properties tab!

I tried changing them again, but to no avail. My next line of attack is to start over and import the models yet again.... unless someone knows a fix for this.

This is all quite frustrating, but I'm learning a lot!
14/03/2012 05:50:37

ukBertyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 975
Sadly this is an issue with 0.19b and you will have to re-import the objects and set the colours again. It doesn't take as long as you'd think.
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Home ? Importing Assets ? After Update, model colors gone! ugh.