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2015/11/26 18:04:04
Secret Santa (advert for gamedev forum) Thanks, Danimal! I tried to spend as little time on it as possible. Haha
2015/11/25 1:46:43
Secret Santa (advert for gamedev forum) I whipped this out in a day and a half. It's a 30 second advert for a game dev forum I participate in.

Now that it's produced, I see so much I'd like to change and tweak in it. But, alas, I'm lazy and I'll just leave it as is. Neat thing though, I can add little episodes to it, if I get the gumption and script ideas.

2015/3/25 14:33:02
Where's the 'Upgrade' button? Hello Muvizu,

I am either blind, stupid, or there isn't an 'Upgrade' button.

My 'running version' of Muvizu is the old MZASS-v1.2 - build: 2013.10.28.01R (64-bit). I want to upgrade to the current version (March Mandy release), but I'm unable to locate an option to upgrade the software in any of the menus. Is there one and I'm missing it? Or do I need to download and install all over again?

If I need to install the Mandy release anew, do I need to uninstall my old version first? Or can I keep it and make a separate install with the new version?

So, what I'm really asking is, what is the best procedure to update my Muvizu:Play+ software?

2015/3/16 18:38:51
Star trek. the halloween incident. Hay, Fazz --- you must have known this, eh?


Nice work, as usual.
2014/10/17 5:39:55
How long does it take you? Thank you, ukBerty and fazz68. I really appreciate the responses.

My last little Muvizu project (Spiderbomb Review) clocked in at 4 minutes and took me about 2 lazy weeks, if I recall, but there was no walking or camera movements, and only a few custom items.
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2014/10/16 23:26:50
How long does it take you? That helps a lot, dreeko. Thanks!

Anyone else care to share? Please do!
2014/10/16 20:38:48
How long does it take you? I wasn't sure where to post this, so I posted here.

For a 5 minute (give or take a few minutes) joke or skit, including all sounds, titles, etc., how long does it take you (personally) to make a Muvizu movie, on average?
2014/10/16 19:32:03
Coming Soon... @fazz68 -- you are amazing.
2014/4/3 6:26:34
Camera attachment I would like to see camera movement implemented like how the game "The Movies" handled camera movement.
2014/3/24 23:56:27
Goodbye Wut? There's always time for Muvizu! ( except when there isn't.)

Good luck with the new job, octo.
2014/3/18 15:01:16
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... Bravo, Fazz! I can't wait for more.
2014/3/18 1:56:16
Spiderbomb Review Thanx, guys. Honestly, I thought the game was frustrating, too, and was only able to get to level 6 before rage-quitting. Lol. But it is a well-made game and a deserved winner. It was fun making the vid for it.

Urbanlamb -- notice how I bypassed the swivelling chair? Haha! I meant to put in hand gestures there, but forgot until after rendering the scene. By that time, I was getting burnt out with it, so I left hand gestures out. Seemed to be fine without.

Anyway, this was more good practice for me. There was more video editing than Muvizu directing in this, which frankly, is fine with me. Lol. That character directing is a real pain sometimes.

Thanks again, and I welcome any and all (positive AND negative) criticism and detailed critiques by all. The more I know and learn, the more I can improve.
2014/3/16 20:52:30
Spiderbomb Review Here's my latest creation. It is a game review for the winner of the GMC Jam #13 Competition.

I hope you like it.


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2014/3/16 18:43:14
My First Creation - Space Oddity on the Moon That was great! Excellent work -- I loved it!
2014/3/16 4:30:46
Swivel in a chair? That's what I was afraid of. Thanks, urbanlamb. I didn't think of the targa file method, so that's good to know.
2014/3/16 1:09:42
Swivel in a chair? How do I get the chair and character to swivel in the chair at the same time while directing?

I can group them together and move them around very nicely when not directing, but I'm not finding a way to keep them grouped while the camera is rolling. Is there even a way to do this?

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2014/2/26 18:45:52
Asset Creation As InsaneHamster suggested, I like the idea of a mixed bag. A 'One-Stop Shop' that offers free AND priced assets of all kinds. That way, if someone wants to offer their work for free, they can.

The only thing I can warn against is making sure the customer knows what they're getting. I have downloaded assets thinking they looked good and were going to be great, only to open them up and find they are a picture on a single plane, or just not as nice as they looked in the preview pic. I don't know how this would be accomplished without showing a mini-muvi with the asset in use, which would be some work for the asset site administrator. It would really be horrible to pay a sum of money for an asset just to find out it sucks.

If an asset site couldn't be a mix of free and pay-for assets, I'll join forces with urbanlamb and create a 'free assets' site. You hear that, urbanlamb?
2014/2/26 17:38:43
classic kirk fights. number 1 LOL!! I love it!
2014/2/17 19:03:54
Wooden Eye - my first Muvizu movie Funny joke -- good job with it!
2014/2/14 4:07:17
3D Letter Objects. Aaaarrrggghhh! Oh, for crying out loud. That's the sort of think I was looking for. Better late than never, I'll know for next time. Thanks, fazz68!
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