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20/05/2012 19:26:44

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I am fraid I cant get my head round how the Muvizu Gallery here ties up with the big wide youtube. Over the last year or so I have posted 7 movies. They are all there if I go straight to, but I can only find 2 of them searching from here, and not the one I have just posted. Any suggestions ?

Geoff Clarkson
20/05/2012 20:36:54

DreekoMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Did you upload them via muvizu?
20/05/2012 22:19:53

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Well I thought I did post them through Muvizu, certainly the first ones I did.
Maybe then I have to repost all the missing ones through Muvizu at the same deleting them in from my own channel so that I dont end up with 2 copies there.

Thanks for such a rapid reply so late on a Sunday
21/05/2012 10:59:31

JamieMuvizu staff
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Hi Tangledbliss - I've done a little checking on your profile and your youtube channel. The following videos are on your youtube, but only 5 are on I suspect you've never intended for "Fishworld" to be on so that leaves 2 that are out of place?

1. Cosmos Brothers 1 (Muvizu)
2. Cosmos Brothers 2 (Muvizu)
3. Cosmos Brothers 3 (Muvizu)
4. Walking on Water (Muvizu)
5. Get well soon, Clarkson
6. Beautiful (Muvizu)
7. Not just another brick
8. Fishworld

When I checked the videos "Get well soon, Clarkson" and "Not just another brick" our youtube system comes back saying they were uploaded from an unknown location. This means that it wasn't uploaded via the website or through the application.

You'd need to remove them from Youtube and then come back to and upload them again for them to appear. Check your profile here

Hope this helps.
edited by Jamie on 21/05/2012

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Home ? Publishing Your Video ? No show in Muvizu Gallery