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08/07/2012 13:06:39

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Ok here's the dilemma, I think I pushed Muvizu or my newish pc to the render edge..not sure, my test render just to get an idea of the result (not quite finished yet) was choppy to say the least, quality yes, but it would speed up real fast, then slow down all throughout the
4ish minute video which when I rendered it took about
1.5-2 hours and it was
1.5 gigs in size using xvid hd...wihch media player wont even choke on that, so i put it through videopad and that shrunk it to 220mb in size.
please note, when i was actually creating this in muvizu, muvizu kept crashing, not responding etc but I trudged my way through all the actions and took forever! BUT there is a ton of lights, animated backdrops, effects, characters, Everything is in this vid and it looks spectacular otherwise, if only the result would turn out as planned. also the timeline seemed to be the root of the crashes, and when I saw the rendered version alot of the timing was off from my timeline cue points and such. I rendered it with a single pass xvid 720x1280 hd. i'm using dx9 even though my system came with dx11 64bit.

Is it a Muvizu? settings issue? or do I just have way too much stuff going on in this video? whatever it is it seems the timing was choking during production and during the render and i just don't know of a better way to go about it. So sorry for the long explaination but I'd like to see if I can do this right and why everything was choking on all the bits and pieces...Thanks! - EEF

UPDATE: I figured out what works, if you ever have this issue, hereis how I solved it: I rendered JUST the video silent xvid hd 720x1280 out of Muvizu, then after I impoorted into VideoPad, THEN I imported the KISS music, and added creds etc and saved movie using H264 codec (native); mp3 and that worked very well and the result was smooth animation and a decent file size.
p.s. @ Marco - WHAT is the Starts Effect you mentioned in your last reply to me? and does that have anything to do with this possibly?
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OKAY HERE'S an UPDATE to THAT UPDATE - DILEMMA NOT SOLVED!! - PLEASE HELP!!: My Method (above) worked when I didn't need to do any lip synching!, now I tried to use models that needed Lipsynching, and I had to record the lipsyching characters on-set in UNLIT mode otherwise everything moved like the second hand on a watch tic-tic-tic Very SLOW (as before making this vid)...then after I recorded all the lipsynching(unlit), I rendered everything in (lit mode) WITH the audio track of the kiss song and watched everything tic by for over an hour only to achieve the above resullt once again where everything speeds up/slows down like crazy, and the lipsynching is mostly off pace too....I rendered in 720hd xvid...any help will be greatly appreciated as now I have no idea what to do next!?!? Is Muvizu not running at full optimization on my system or is it a windows 7 thing? or what? I'm about to give up here...
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