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25/12/2012 14:14:23

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I would like to just take the time to tell everyone in Muvizu Land Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a very happy and safe holiday! And a very happy New Year!
25/12/2012 19:55:28

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merry christmas mr hamster man. Myself I am "old" and dont really partake in such festivities. Add to that that I am jewish .. even still if i party its not like when I partied when I was 20 it will take me 3 weeks to recover so my idea of a good time on these holidays now is sitting down with some nice sweet baked goods and watching movies all night and then going to bed. Meanwhile I am sure a great many of the muvizu staff are 2 or 3 days into partying with lots of alcohol. Nevertheless hopefully they enjoy it all despite the horrible hangovers they are going to have tomorrow and do it all again on january 1st
26/12/2012 00:34:39

HayManMarcExperimental user
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Merry Christmas, Muvizu!!
No, I haven't forgotten about you.

I've been busy with so many other endeavors,
Too busy lately to pull those animation levers.

Hopefully soon I'll be back to say,
"Here's a new Muvizu movie to play!"

Until then, while I traverse the keys qwerty,
I'll watch one from Dreeko or ukBerty,

Or catch up with Zombietown from skylike, so silly,
Or see what's new from the workbench of Dylly.

The others, well, I guess I should include them,
But I wanted to keep this a quainty, short poem.

So I bring this to close without further adieu,
Merry Christmas to all who Muvizu, too!
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