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2015/10/6 19:56:13
my first (and last?) animation Farscaper wrote:
Keep at it, for sure.

I certainly liked the long line of characters and the camera panning within the airport. The increased music tempo at the beginning didn't quite match the uneventful bus ride though. Are you synching the entire sound track of a B/W movie I'm not familiar with?

Feel free to scorn my first attempt if I'm ever brave enough to post one. You are already better than me.

I found your comments realy useful.
There is no soundrack of any movie -that I know- with this music. I' ve just adapted a song by Dengue Fever (with creative commons licence).
2015/9/30 21:04:23
my first (and last?) animation MrDrWho13 wrote:
You've set it so that you're not able to embed the video, so it won't show properly on this forum.

I think it's OK now.
2015/9/30 20:44:50
my first (and last?) animation Hi everybody,

I' ve just finished a short animated film, made using basically muvizu.

If you have free time take a look. Any comment is welcome.

It's in greek but I added english subtitles so anybody can watch it.


The link is:

2014/4/2 8:27:38
content packs problem Thank you very much fazz68 !!!
2014/4/1 21:15:40
content packs problem Hi everybody,
I've just downloaded 'costume pack' and 'lighting sets' from "content packs" and it says "installed" and "up to date" but I cannot find them so I can use it. Could anybody help?
2014/3/29 21:33:06
Import object Thanks a lot InsaneHamster
2014/3/29 21:08:58
Import object Hello everybody,

I've just got muvizu play+ but I can't import objects (e.g. fbx). There is no import button at the "create object" window, although I can import object as an attachment at a character's hand. Any help?
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