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2014/8/12 18:21:19
Muvizu in a TV show Blown away by your work, that's some proper music.
2014/8/12 18:15:46
Muvizu Staff picks I haven't ignored you, I'm just trying to work out how its done!!
2014/8/11 17:58:33
Coming Soon... Is that John Cleese?
2014/8/11 17:49:40
Muvizu Staff picks Hi guys thanks for the reminder. I have been moderating the content submitted to the gallery but I completely forgot about the staff picks. Really sorry about this and I will make sure I do this from now on. I totally agree that there has been some worth picks from the last couple of weeks. Normally the content is moderated on a Sunday or Monday but I have been moving house so the last 2 weeks it has been neglected, everything is back to normal now. Thanks again and I am open to anything else you would like to see from myself or the team . . . we can always say no!
2014/8/11 17:43:19
Blackmagic Resolve - free version Thanks for this. I love the Blackmagic hardware and related software interfaces I've played with so this could be a winner!
2014/8/1 14:09:52
REQUEST: Small Town Main Street Set I'm not sure what exactly might be causing this but as was mentioned earlier a download manager might help.
2014/8/1 14:07:50
the man who lived twice You are now officially part of the gang!
2014/7/29 20:38:48
the man who lived twice ahem . . . looks like peer pressure works. Or is it just that we couldn't deny Fazz his rightful place any longer? Massive congrats from us guys for your awesome work, long may it continue!
2014/7/29 20:35:57
DreamWorks competition Hi William, unfortunately the original soundtrack is copyrighted so you will not be able to use that. The script is a bit of a grey area, I would change a few words just to cover your back but I can't see it being too much of a problem. Thanks.
2014/7/24 19:50:39
DreamWorks competition Our new competition!

Better out than in we always say! We so agree with Shrek – especially when it comes to ideas! And here’s it is. Your chance to get it all out.
It’s competition time again here at Muvizu and we’re looking for all you budding animators to come at us with some more awesomeness, and if we’re impressed you may just win yourself a great prize!
The competition
This year the world is celebrating 20 years since the birth of one of the greatest animation studios in history, DreamWorks. In honour of this we are asking Muvizuers to create and submit Muvizu re-creations of their favourite scene from any of DreamWorks Animation’s long list of animated feature films. To jog your memory have a browse through the many options here.
Let’s keep the scope wide open to allow your creative juices to flow (flood even!). So, be true to Dreamworks vision of add your own creative twists or embellishments! There’s no limit on entries - you can even submit some wild and wacky clips – yes, we know you can do those! We’re letting this one run for a whole 3 months, so no excuses, get in there new Muvizuers - and those of you with busy schedules have loads of time to polish and show off your work.
The prize
We have the complete DreamWorks Animation collection on DVD to give away to the Muvizuer who shines the most. Including no less than 10 films this prize is a great tool for those looking to learn from some of the most talented animators in the world.
Post your entries to our gallery and then add a link here for your chance to win. For the full details visit
2014/7/24 19:33:14
Render Lag Hi Judy, it could be a hardware problem but if you;re using Muvizu with no problems it seems strange that the video playback would struggle. What media player are you using?
2014/7/24 19:31:19
My Firsts Tests Good start. Glad to see you're using the forums already. I think the other users will agree that this place is full of useful tips that will speed up and improve the quality of your work. Keep posting your new creations so that you can get feedback.
2014/7/24 19:29:33
the man who lived twice You've definitely got another gold star next to your name with this one.
2014/7/24 19:23:05
Camera Spinning On Startup Did our support team mange to help you out with this?
2014/7/21 21:05:49
great song animation One of the better Muvizu music vids I've seen, awesome work.
2014/7/21 21:02:26
Muvizu can't be startet Error There are a few things to check with installation errors.

1. Check your hardware against our system requirements.

2. Ensure that the downloaded installer matches your Windows version (32 or 64 bit)

3. When installing ensure you check the 3 boxes when prompted to install .net framework etc.

Let us know how you get on.
2014/7/21 20:58:50
Hello fellow muvizu users Welcome Danny. Thanks for the kind words. Can't wait to see some of your work.
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2014/7/21 20:57:49
Hola! - Hi! Hola! Muvizu is only available in English I'm afraid. We do have a large number of video tutorials found here which you should be able to pick up at least the basics without understanding the voice over.


Hola! Muvizu está disponible sólo en Inglés, me temo. Tenemos una gran cantidad de tutoriales en vídeo encontrado aquí que usted debería ser capaz de recoger lo menos lo básico sin entender la voz en off.
2014/7/21 20:10:13
Unable to Upgrade You should have now received a response from the support team, but for other users who may have been experiencing issues this has now been fixed. Seems we were having temporary difficulties with our payment system.
2014/7/21 20:08:23
how to get a disguise like a donkey Hi Twana, unfortunately Muvizu isn't really designed for our characters to be fully editable. 3D models can be imported, but not as characters only as objects. There are plenty of tutorials and threads covering this.
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