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2012/9/24 11:37:25
For once I could NOT Save the World!? Nice find EEF!

It does appear to be a bug. Importing a texture on to a backdrop, pointing a camera at it and then put the camera as a texture on the object - try saving it as a favourite and "computer says no", well it doesn't say anything. It just doesn't save.

In the mean time, I'd suggest saving the backdrop as a favourite and setting up the camera output as a texture again when you want to use it.

Thanks for the heads up, we'll have a look at fixing it, though I suspect there won't be any we can do. It's a more complicated chain of events to be able to save it as a favourite. If you have a new empty scene with 1 camera, a ball and a backdrop and you were able to save camera 1's output as a favourite texture on the ball and then went to another set file with 3 cameras, of which all 3 cameras are pointed at your character and / or scene then which camera's output should be used to apply the texture? None of the cameras are actually going to be pointing at the world map texture you had in the previous set. If you follow me...
2012/9/24 11:28:16
Christmas Assets skylike wrote:
Jingle bells jingle bells !!!! oh yeh still got halloween to get through

And bonfire night, st andrews day...

At least the autumn equinox is over now!
2012/9/24 11:24:25
Super heros wont turn We had another strange problem with the Hero and Villains content pack (http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic2143-eyes-wide-shut.aspx) as it turns out the problem was that the Muvizu application was updated to the latest version (11th September 2012) but the content pack that was being used was still the (16h July 2012), as a result the characters eye size wasn't working. Try downloading the latest version of the Hero and Villains content pack (available here http://www.muvizu.com/Gallery/#&&l=1&m=Packs) and uninstall the version of it from Muvizu, close Muvizu and install the latest version.

If this doesn't work, then please let me know and we'll look into it further.
2012/9/24 11:14:44
Upload problem Hi simon,

All our videos uploads go directly to youtube, so if you had a problem uploading to Muvizu then the problem will be with youtube. Sadly, it does seem to break from time to time.

Normally I'd suggest you just try again, that would normally work however - if I understand correctly - 30gb for a video would suggest you've done something wrong with your video. A 30gb upload would likely have just timed out. I'd try re-encoding it to reduce your file size.

Some help from youtube on uploading is available here - http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/static.py?hl=en-GB&guide=1719823&page=guide.cs

They normally have a 2GB limit or 15min run time, though you can have this extended by youtube.

At present we don't have any method to add videos to Muvizu that were uploaded directly to youtube.

Hope this helps!
2012/9/24 11:08:09
re: movie showings on the muvizu site and youtube Hi urbanlamb,

We're sorry your having to face such a hard choice. The information on the video display page comes back from youtube, so if you edit here it is edited on youtube.

I'm not all that sure what the problem is. There appears to be a bug with the way we display video descriptions, in that it is not

displaying new

lines coming from

your video description.

This, as I say, is a bug and we'll be able to fix this - I'm positive it used to work.

I'm confused about how you are forced to have a muvizu only station and how you could customise what is displayed - it's the same as youtube, a title, description, tags and video. If you want to hide the description I'm afraid that won't be an option. If you want to display your video on Muvizu then we're happy to have your videos here but, all videos are hosted on youtube so there is no reason for you to limit where your videos are displayed.
2012/9/22 15:42:17
Something is wrong with Muvizu Hi Chris,

I take it the mirror links worked to let you download the latest version of Muvizu?

We've had this bug reported a few times by different people, it's a very annoying one and even more so for us at Muvizu as it's incredibly difficult to reproduce outside of a few specific computers. We've introduced a number of fixes that address that but if you are using the September 11th release version of Muvizu, we've obviously not fixed it well enough yet.

There is a couple things I'd suggest you try in order to fix this, though you need to understand that this problem may require bug fixes to Muvizu as well in order for it to totally go away.

#1 - Click the ? icon, then About and then System Info. Once there click the copy button and send your system info to us at bugs@muvizu.com or post them here if you like.

#2 - Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.

#3 - Make sure you've got the latest versions of Direct X, .Net and C++ Re-distributable installed on your computer.

#4 - Could you try all the characters? Does this only happen for the Beefy or does it happen to the Girl, blob, skeleton characters (et al) as well?
2012/9/20 18:11:28
A Werid Problem with Muvizu Hi Chris,

Sometimes problems happen with downloads, sadly.

Could you try downloading the latest (September 11th) release of Muvizu from Gamershell.com? We mirror our releases there in case this type of problem happens.

32bit - http://www.gamershell.com/download_93670.shtml
64bit - http://www.gamershell.com/download_93672.shtml

Let me know if that works
2012/9/19 15:48:50
muvizu logo out I tried this using the intel YIUV codec @ 1280x720 HD using 64bit Muvizu and the watermark was there.

Is there anything else you did?
Has it happened again?
Are you using 32 or 64bit Muvizu?
2012/9/19 10:05:29
Can't run Muvizu... Hi CinEmaS

It looks like your graphics card is *just* below what's needed. Your card does seem to tick all the boxes for what is needed at the minimum level but it's just a model or 2 to early to be there. Sadly

I found some info on a game site for "Renaissance Heroes", which also uses the Unreal engine, where they recommend a GeForce 6600 GT as the minimum spec. http://www.renaissanceheroes.com/forum/showthread.php?421-Are-my-PC-specs-good-enough

I don't really understand why they recommend upgrading your PSU as well but I'd certainly agree with them you could do with a new Graphics card.
2012/9/18 16:44:21
Muvizu.com down this morning? Don't think so...

Seems to have worked fine for me all day. I'll double check when I get home tonight though
2012/9/18 13:24:02
Feedback Thread - v0.22b release (September2012) gimmick wrote:
I have no problems with the menus in English but in the future, I would be more interested by a French translation of the Character actions.

Menus are in usual technical English but actions use a more difficult vocabulary.

It's a good point gimmick, we're looking into how we'll be able to translate the character actions, the properties of objects and of characters and everything else not already translated. The problem is that stuff comes from a database and so it's a lot more tricky to have multiple language copies of all those phrases and names than it is for the user interface.

I'd take the translations in Muvizu at present as the first step, and we're working out what and how the second one will be
2012/9/18 11:33:18
Eyes wide shut Dreeko wrote:
I tried the download but I think it has just installed over the most recently installed version which was the 32 bit one. I imagine I need to re-install the 64 bit one for the heroes pack to find it successfully, yes?

Err... you've confused me now. Which download? lol

Ok, so there is only one bit version of the content packs. The 32bit and 64bit stuff relates to Muvizu as an application (that's the code stuff). With either 32 or 64bit versions of the core application the same content packs will work, as all that contains is assets (characters, animations, environment objects, etc).

When you install Muvizu, regardless of 32 or 64bit versions, it will update the windows registry to the location of the newest installed path. The content packs just defaults to "C:\program files\muvizu" if you run those installers manually or if you try and install via the Tools > Content packs option it will get the currently running applications path. So if you try to install a content pack manually and your using the 32bit version on a 64bit system and you don't change the install path for the content pack it will install to C:\program files\muvizu - which won't exist as 32bit applications on 64 bit computers get installed to C:\program files (x86)\

If you installed Muvizu to another path then you will need to make sure you are installing the content pack to where ever your Muvizu (or root directory of Muvizu) is and what it is called, otherwise it won't work.

I hope this is clear and makes sense to everyone!
2012/9/18 10:04:38
Eyes wide shut Ok, I've sussed this out.

The problem happens when you update the July version of Muvizu to the September version but don't update the content pack.

Solution? Download the latest version of the Hero and Villains content pack (http://www.muvizu.com/Pack/1/Heroes-and-Villains) and install it. Run Muvizu and it should all work fine.
2012/9/17 22:19:38
Eyes wide shut I'd love to get to the bottom of this.

How did you guys go about updating to the latest version? Did you:

a) uninstall everything and install the September release a-fresh
b) use the auto-update thing?
c) Download and install the September release over the previous July release?

The other thing that comes to mind is that the content packs are not updated when the application auto-updates, you still need to uninstall the hero and villains content pack and re-install the September version as that was updated as well to include a few extra animations for the super hero characters.
2012/9/17 14:05:15
Eyes wide shut I'm getting the same results as Lev. I've tried the 64bit version using DX9 and DX11 and the same with the 32bit version.

I've also tried the same using the Lite version of Muvizu and installing the content pack manually, but it is also working fine.

I wonder if -

1. Do other 'morph' sliders work? This is the ear shape, jaw shape sliders you'll find under edit character > face

2. Does eye size work for the other characters? Note that some of their eyes don't have lids so clearly those won't work but the majority do have lids and should work.

3. Have you had a set loaded previously and then created a new empty scene to get this to happen?

Additionally, what graphics cards do you have?
2012/9/16 15:56:32
Closed topics topic! Dreeko wrote:
The reason there are no more "On the News" episodes on the horizon is that none of my sets will open now....

Email me the sets and we'll see if we can figure out. My first guess would be you've saved them in a beta test version?

Is there any error message or other info given as to why they won't open?

(...and this is how topics go off-topic Big Grin )
2012/9/16 15:30:40
Closed topics topic! It's pretty standard for forum threads to be closed when they've not been used for a while, and if you look at some of the larger ones that are still open here they diverge into all sorts of topics which make it impossible to try and track what is a new issue and what's an old issue. Or the opposite case happens - a thread has 2 or 3 posts and is never used for years and by the time someone posts again in it the original point is no longer an issue as there have been several updates to Muvizu in the interval period.

There is a different use for the threads about particular videos or series but then again most of them split into chat about problems and improvements to the application as well, or even into hints and tips.

It's not a perfect system but the opposite is more difficult to manage - every thread left open for ever and people re-using old threads for new issues.

We do ask for feedback on how we are managing the forums, http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic1801-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes-to-the-muvizu-forums.aspx and http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic461-forum-overhaul.aspx as examples, but we havn't really received that much. We did get a bit more feedback on the beta tester section when I asked about how that could be managed going forwards ( http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic1792-beta-testing-forum-going-forward.aspx ) the post that sticks out is the one from yourself, Dreeko
dreeko wrote:
Obviously you know how to organise threads better than us when it comes to prioritising areas which would be of interest to the internal Muvizu testing team.

Granted that was about the beta test thread.

I'm not in favour of leaving threads open that haven't been used for 6+ months. Actually I'm not sure why you need to have one thread open, in perpetuity, for videos. You could just create a new thread and link to the old one? I feel that makes it clear for everyone that, this is now and that was then.

I'm open to suggestions, ideas or ways to manage the forum / threads / posts, perhaps this is the place to leave them? I think another tidy up of the forum will need to be done around early November.
2012/9/12 17:15:13
anti-aliasing Yeah, it's working for me in the release from yesterday. I put a Beefy character in front of a camera and went to make video, opened options and ticked and unticked the Anti-aliasing option and there was a clear difference.

Maybe a screen shot of it on and off could help?
What graphics card are you using and what version of Direct X?
2012/8/23 14:43:01
Missing menu entries trying to export .ase texture The obvious reason is that Muvizu still does not like something about the ASE you imported. What that maybe I've no idea, however, if you send the ASE files and all the textures files to bugs@muvizu.com I'll take a closer look at them.

In your screen shot it looks like you already have a set file saved? Are you importing them into that set file and trying to save it? If so, could you send the set file as well? Also, if you are trying to import them into an existing set file, perhaps importing them into a new set and saving that would work?
2012/8/23 14:33:43
SWOBOT - Coming Soon Nice work. Is there any meaning to the name "Swobot"?
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