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2012/5/21 10:44:24
Test Muvizu - Cosmosore Project This looks amazing. Great work demarreur - any more to come?
2012/5/21 10:39:34
The scarf Yeah, really bittersweet stories here. I lost one Gran to dementia and I've a second one starting to go that way now
2012/5/21 10:38:27
The Beautiful Game....Spot Dylly! Is it a trick question? Your filming it?
2012/5/21 10:20:53
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) ziggy72 wrote:
My machine has completely ground to a halt while trying to direct the audio for my set with the 130+ characters in it - understandable you'd think, but Muvizu is only using 1 of my 4 cores... Need I say more?

So you've got a kick ass machine Ziggy - fancy sending me the set so I can run some performance / comparison tests? Big Grin
2012/5/21 10:18:26
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Danimal wrote:
Any chance of maybe putting a bit of attention to fixing the bug where characters randomly disappear? I think having a hero pack won't mean too much if they keep vanishing.

Hi Danimal, do you know how it's happen for you? We've looked at it, and thought we fixed it a few times, but it still seems to be there. The problem is that it's really hard to make it happen on demand to ensure that it is fixed. Any info you've got would be most useful.
2012/5/18 9:43:00
Coming Soon... gimmick wrote:
Like the director Jacques Tati, you could use silhouette audience in your movies.

The silhouette audience isn't the thing that stands out to me in that video - what is that?!
2012/5/16 11:32:56
NEED HELP WITH SETTINGS What settings did you end up using skylike?
2012/5/16 11:30:10
Muvizu Ad By yasoofx nice work yasoofx, thanks for the plug!
2012/5/16 11:28:52
Channel News Good quality audio there yasoofx, do you have a preview or trailer for your new shows?
2012/5/16 11:26:41
How do I make a movie clapper board What's the problem with the rotation points ichilver? If you go to prepare object movement is there a problem moving the pink rotation point to the corner? I'm curious to see if there is a bug or something else going wrong.

I did a similar thing, with a book opening. What I found was easier was to take the cover and page objects separately, place them floating in the air in the position they would start at and the use the key to rotate the object, once I had a nice smooth path for each object to follow I adjusted the movement blocks of the objects on the timeline and place them all together and the result wasn't to bad.

Another option to do this would be to use a transparent AVI clip of stock footage of a clapper board like this one (the license says its free to use for non-commercial projects) http://www.revostock.com/After-Effects-Project/122869/Slate.htm or you could even even use post processing to add it in later on.

Hope this helps!
2012/5/16 11:09:15
You Tube Monetization some guidance please? I love the way that the spam message is still here, in quotes
2012/5/16 11:08:22
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Row by row overlays would have been the cheaty way to do it, but how could I then move the camera among/through the crowd? Nope, just had to bite the bullet and create the lot. And maybe there is a link between serial killers and being dumped... be careful how you dump people!

I guess it is a bit of a cheat if your aiming to do everything 100% Muvizu but I think it's more about the end result of the film, just my opinion and I'm not sure I'd be able to have 130 characters in a scene and animated. If I was to do it with green screen and shots going through the crowd I'd do layers of people with one camera path recorded. Each time you render out one row of the crowd on a green background and build up each rendered AVI post-process to get the camera movement and full crowd shots. I think the crowd scenes in Decca's drinking dilemma was done using green screen (maybe I'm wrong though?)

2012/5/16 10:56:06
Coming Soon... @WozToons - how about Rolf Harris?
2012/5/16 10:52:07
camera right click I've never seen this feature place the directors view looking straight into the lens, but I'm sure it could happen. The feature just uses the same function as the M key or "Move to" feature, so what you see is dependent on where you start from relative to where your camera is.

I'd say this would be a bit annoying, placing the camera view behind the camera (as though looking through it) as you can't really judge what the camera sees without using the camera preview window. I prefer to have a wider view of the scene to move the camera about in as the directors view isn't locked to that of the camera. I think possible this would be more irritating as, as soon as you move the camera back a bit the directors view will automatically try to track the moving object and end up spinning around a bit. If that makes sense?

It's actually something that irritates me is the direct camera movement mode locking you into a view behind the camera object, when I direct by looking at the preview window and most camera movement places my directors view inside other objects meaning I can't see anything without the preview window anyway.

Just my thoughts though
2012/5/15 9:36:23
Coming Soon... Sounds awesome and the scene there looks fantastic Ziggy, but I have to admit you are a braver man than me. 130 characters?!? Would it be easier to do it row by row and build up the scene post-production with green screen?

Are the serial killers and being dumped connected?
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2012/5/14 16:52:29
Harb40 Passion Competition Website Interesting competition Harb40 - thanks for the info.
2012/5/14 10:26:23
How do I create an accessory for a character? Hi Eduardo

You can import objects from sketchup that use transparency in either a png or tga file. When you go to Create -> Objects -> Import you need to select the "Map alpha to" option as "Opacity".

This won't give you a slider but it does let you edit the png or tga file to change the level of transparency you want on your object and then you can re-import it.
2012/5/8 16:19:05
Photo Frame and picture ichilver wrote:

Any there any objects that look like a photo frame to hang on the wall?

Also would like to put a image in the frame.

Any ideas


Go to create objects and select the "Search" subcategory, then search for "picture". There is a picture frame object that will allow you to choose what image is displayed on it. There are also a few TV objects that do the same thing and might give you a bit of choice of styles.
2012/5/8 16:17:18
How do I show stuff on the flip chart ichilver wrote:
I want to create a animation where the character is presenting using the flip chart. At certain points I want to display text/images on the flip chart that is related to what he is talking about.

Hi Ian -

There isn't anyway to put an image or text onto the flip chart paper, but what you can do is create a backdrop and position it over the paper area of the flip chart object and then using direct object properties have the image on the backdrop change as and when it needs to for what the character is doing in the presentation.
2012/5/8 14:24:53
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... EEFilmz wrote:
Ya know, I am not sure, because I made it a point to try to download 64 bit apps etc but now that i look, I see audacity, gimp, sony, xvid, and avs4u are in the (86) folder...while I do see in my Programs Folder: K-Lite Codec Pack x64, Xvid MPEG-4 Video Codec (now)

So not sure if my editors (sony/avs) if they are 32/64 or both?...I pretty much thought I downloaded 64 bits but ya got me wonderin Jamie! - Thanks! lol - EEF

Yeah, if it's in the x86 folder it's most likely to be 32bit. Try installing 32bit huffy and see if it works, that way you'll know it's running in 32bit

I certainly had the problem you described, just audio available with a huffy codec video. Can't say I've had a fatal error, anyway, once I installed the 32bit version of huffy it all worked fine for me.
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