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2011/6/19 13:21:59
After Downloading and installing... Hi C3LTIC-D4GG3R

I'm curious what files you are trying to open? You don't actually have to open any files (other than the Muvizu program file ) to start animating. Anyway, a quick first start guide is:-

The first thing is make sure that you can open Muvizu. This means you should see the Unreal 3 and Scaleform splash screens followed by the application with a welcome screen.

If you can get this far then the next step is to have a look at the tutorials we have available. The welcome screen has a link to them, however you can view them by going to this link http://muvizu.com/Tutorials/

I would highly recommend you watch them all, starting at number 1. This way you will not only learn how to animate with Muvizu but will have a firm grasp of all the features available in Muvizu.

I hope this helps, if you are still having problems I can try to write a brief step by step guide for you, but your best bet is to watch the tutorials.

If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to reply here or to email us at contact@muvizu.com and we can help you further.
2011/6/18 11:23:10
What's that in my pants ! haha, this is a problem with splitting animations in Muvizu. If you have the top part animated and the lower part doing some form of locomotion things will go a little weird. There are more interesting results to be had with this bug

It's something we're aware of and are looking into but as of yet have not found a fix.
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2011/6/13 10:07:04
Resource Could not be loaded from Package Hi Naruto,

Can you send the set file to bugs@muvizu.com and we will have a look at it. If you could give us any more details that'd be great. What should be in the set files? Did you import ASE files? Do you have characters? Audio? Dialogue?

2011/6/7 10:47:57
Muvizu and mice barrys wrote:

Before spending a fortune it's worth noting that the minimum you need is a bog-standard 3-button mouse with a scroll wheel. That's what the Muvizu Team uses. We're too cheap to buy anything fancier.


My mouse has 5 buttons and a scroll wheel. I guess you got the short straw Barry? I use a basic 3 button mouse with scroll wheel at home though.
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2011/5/31 9:55:56
WASP Immortality Hi penman,

Thanks for your post. The embed code doesn't work here at all, I'm afraid. If you want to embed the youtube video you need to make sure you don't have any formatting on the link when you copy and paste it. Try opening notepad, then copy the URL to the youtube video, paste it into Notepad and copy it again. Finally paste it on here and preview your post. The youtube video will then be embedded to watch here.

Like this -

2011/5/31 9:51:55
Hi all, perspective query It's probably better to have a number of backdrops together to make a wall instead of scaling one backdrop to be extra long. This is because any texture you apply to a backdrop will also be scaled, so if you scale the backdrop on one axis only the image will look stretched. If you uniformly increase the scale of the backdrop it will be to high for your ceiling and characters. You could work out where the top of the wall is and create the image so that once it is scalled it fits at the correct resolution / dimensions.

A snap-to or align feature is planned but as of yet we've no date for when, so unfortunetly there isn't an easy way to align backdrops. A final option for you is to make the oject yourself that way you can get the model's size correct and correctly align any wall textures on it.

Glad to be of help!
2011/5/30 10:45:57
Computer requirements for the new version hi adam,

Low computer specs won't reduce the available functionality in Muvizu. It will just make it run really slowly. As far as processors go either an i5 or i7 will go good. The benifits between them really come down to personal choice and price. The bigger advantage is what the graphics card is. The 7800GTX is at the lowest end of compatibility for Muvizu so I'd try to get something a bit newer or you'll end up buying a new graphics card again in 6 months or so to keep up with games technology.

Have a look at the thread http://muvizu.com/forum/messages.aspx?TopicID=1088&MessageID=5491#post5491 its rather similiar to your question and has some more details on graphics cards.

Hope this helps!
2011/5/30 10:41:15
error when running new version Hi zacchang -

As Dimension_five said you need a new graphics card that supports Pixel Shader 3.0 (or greater) that supports alpha blending. As you've found yourself there are plenty to choose from for a reasonable price. We're happy to help and if you post a specific make / model you are interested in buying we'll do our best to confirm if it will work with Muvizu.
2011/5/30 10:29:34
Hi all, perspective query Hi Exhibit_A, welcome to the Muvizu forums.

I'm not sure of the best way to use a mousepad. I think its down to practice really. You might want to consider getting a cheap USB mouse though, I think that'd be the easiest way to improve mouse-usage in Muvizu. Alternatively you can use the keyboard controls to move around. W and S and forward and back arrow keys will move you forward and back (as you may well have expected ) the A and D keys will strafe left and right and the left and right arrow keys will rotate your view left or right. The page up and page down keys will rotate your view up and down and the Q and E will lift you up and down. Hope this helps.

As for the picture frame - its a difficult object to use (positioning wise in Muvizu and also for displaying images) as you've found out. There are a few different options to improve things.

A) Use a different object, there are flat screen TV's and abstract objects that allow textures to be added.

B) Create your own object, you can use Google Sketchup todo this and we have some good tutorials on how to do it at http://muvizu.com/forum/topic913-how-do-i.aspx#post4126 or watch the official tutorial for maya (it may give you some tips if nothing else) http://www.muvizu.com/Video/12421/Tutorial-07-Importing-3D-models By using this option you would be able to properly define the display area for your art work as well as getting the proportions and dimensions correct.

C) You can use a backdrop object to display your images within Muvizu. It does not have a boarder section to look like a frame but you could use the abstract objects (or other objects in Muvizu or custom) to do this.

D) Perservere with the picture frame object. One thing you might want to try is to scale everything up by the same amount. Smaller objects tend to be more tricky to place and manage than larger ones. Don't worry though, if you scale everything up by the same amount it will still be - relatively speaking - the same in your camera output.

Hope this helps and I look forward to seeing more posts from you!
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2011/5/11 23:35:34
sketchup materials on models Nice tip toonarama! It's useful when you download a model in Sketchup that has nice custom textures on it that you want to use. An easier way, if all you want are colour pickers, is to just create basic bmp or tga files with a solid colour fill and then, on the materials window, click the + icon to create a material selecting your image and apply it to the faces you want. Once you import into Muvizu you can either select to not use an ID texture (and thus allow you to import other textures in Muvizu or apply videos or camera outputs as textures) or by selecting to use ID Textures have only colour pickers. The down side here, and the up side in Toonarama's method, is that you won't have scale / tile control in Muvizu. So you still need to do that in Sketchup, which can be tricky with a solid colour.
2011/4/27 13:49:40
Gooooooooo Pete! Danimal wrote:
I seem to have no luck getting the embedding to work on the videos, so there's the link.

You just need to copy and paste the link into notepad and remove the hyperlink that seems to be automatically included with a URL.

Danimal wrote:
OK, I made an updated version of the last shot, complete with the technique suggested by Jamie. WAAAAY better. I also used something simliar to get the light on Bloodshot's (upper right) miner's helmet to stay in sync. Woo-hoo! Thanks!

Looks great! Hope to see it made as a series!
2011/4/26 13:32:13
Gooooooooo Pete! Danimal wrote:
Interesting about the cigar, it was so infuriating to keep in sync I very nearly decided to remove it. Glad you liked it!

I had a go doing a cigarette before, it's pretty hard. Have you tried using one of the 'tashes from the fake beard category? If you adjust the rotation and location of it then, since its an attachment, it'll stay in sync. You could probably add some post processing later to give it a glowly end and some smoke.
2011/4/21 20:24:23
Commercial Productions Have some care about the features you request. The dragon might get shot again

2011/4/21 20:20:39
The Good Guys ( Jeremy Kyle special ) Nice one John!

How do you write such neat and concise scripts?!!
2011/4/21 20:19:54
The City Really nice clip. It's great how you use the flaws in Muvizu. Well done!
2011/4/17 21:37:43
Scriptwriting and character development ziggy72 wrote:
I think you can see Good News Day here
I was always a Roobarb & Custard man myself

Thanks Ziggy! Unfortunately quick time is out of date on my home system and I can't really be bothered to update that on a Sunday evening. It'll inspire me for some proper work after watching it first thing Monday morning!

Danimal wrote:
I had intended to reply to this Friday but forgot, sorry about that. Thanks for posting this indeed, there were many interesting reads and exercises for storylines on here. Nice!

mysto wrote:
Excellent link Toonarama! Some great info there!

You said it guys! Thanks again Toonarama! Big Grin
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2011/4/17 17:07:30
Scriptwriting and character development Thank you for this great link Toonarama.

I am a big fan of Henry's cat! My favourite has to be "Henry's Cat: The Good News Day" however youtube seem to have removed the only copy of it there. Which sucks. However here's another one!

2011/4/10 0:00:41
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) ziggy72 wrote:
Could you do a similar thing but show how to do it in Sketchup, which is what we can all have access to by default? I've tried to maintain the textures in Sketchup, but the ASE format doesn't seem to support them (or maybe it does, and we just need some guidance from someone like your good self!)


Congratulations with the video John, its ace and one of my favourite scenes from a movie! The tutorial is good also, but I don't have access to Maya either.

Ziggy, from my experience Sketch Up is weird. What John was doing was a UV map (i think) which isn't naively supported in Sketch Up. Basically you have to apply all textures per face and align them manually, which sucks and if your not careful you've import a model with a 10" by 10" repeat or something horrible like that. Trying to sort every face manually is a nightmare, so normally I just use basic colours to texture my objects once they are in Muvizu. There are a few plugins for UV mapping in Sketch Up but i've not tried them yet, check them out anyway and perhaps John will give us all some more tips

Sketchup UV mapping plugins -

UV Tools
- forum topics:

UV Toolkit
- forum topics:

Both appear to be free, from an initial check, however the require additional software such as blender (referencing blender as its free also). You do, however, need to register with http://www.sketchucation.com forums in order to download.
I'll try to look into these soon.
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2011/4/7 15:47:02
PICTURES! Danimal wrote:
I don't have that directory...

I think the directory is only created once a screenshot has been taken. Press F11 and then check the following directories -

On Windows XP : C:\Program Files\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\ScreenShots

On Windows 7 : C:\Program Files (x86)\Muvizu\MuvizuGame\ScreenShots
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2011/4/7 10:30:21
NEED HELP I'd also add to Luscan's post that when you are on the "Make video" dialog you will want to click on the "Options" button and select a codec such as XVid. You want need to install it and it's available from http://www.xvid.org/Downloads.15.0.html all you need to do is download and install the windows version. Save your scene in Muvizu and restart (to make sure Muvizu picks up the new codec). By doing this you will be able to produce a good quality video, but with a smaller file size. Using some of the default windows codecs can result in huge files that simply won't upload to youtube.

The second point to add is this, you can also upload you video through the website. Just follow these steps if you decide this is a better way than uploading via the application. Although both work just as well as each other.

1. Login to Muvizu.com
2. Go to profile and then to My Account
3. Click on the Link youtube account link
4. You'll be redirected to youtube and asked to login and autherise Muvizu.com to use your youtube account
5. Once this is done, you can go back to Muvizu.com
6. On the account navigation bar, just below the search box, or on your profile page there is a Upload link.
7. Click this and select "Upload a video"
8. Fill out the details of your video, name, description, etc.
9. Click next and select the AVI generated by Muvizu
10. Wait a few minutes and there you have it - your video is online.

It should be noted that after you've uploaded to youtube.com through the website or the application it will take a while for the video to be returned to Muvizu.com and then a little longer while we approve your video. It should also be said that if you only upload to youtube directly then Muvizu.com won't know anything about your video so it won't show up here.

Good luck with your movie, I look forward to seeing it.
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