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2013/5/6 13:56:48
Failed to load object from file Hi vincent,

Could you send the set file and the object and image files you were using to us at bugs@muvizu.com and we'll take a look for you.

2013/5/6 13:54:54
Characters and Scene template Hi Ohleeiiaah,

There are 3 ways to put a character into a preloaded scene template.

1. Go to "Create" and select "Characters" you can create the character you want, customize it and place it where you want.

2. If you have a character saved in another set file you can use Edit > Copy on the character and then open the preloaded set you want. Then all you need to do is Edit > Paste the character

3. If you have a character saved in another set file you can edit the character (by double clicking on the character or right click and select the edit option) from there you can then go to the favourites tab and save that character as a favourite. If you then open the preloaded set you want to use you can go to Create > Characters and then click on the favourites tab and selecting the one you just saved you can create the character that way. Alternatively if you create the same type of character (if you saved the man character as a favourite create a man character) and then double click on the character or right click and select the edit option. If you then go back to the favourites tab you can select the favourite you saved in the previous scene and apply it to the newly create character.

Good luck!
2013/5/6 13:45:41
Scripts Hi MrDrWho,

When we came to update the site, we made the decision to remove the scripts feature as it was the least used content type on the site. For the time being it is gone. Sorry.
2013/5/6 12:29:10
Blog - link missing? Ah-ha! Managed to reproduce this now Simon, we'll look at getting it fixed. Thanks again
2013/5/6 12:21:14
Double click camera window - CRASH ember wrote:
Jamie, do you have a debug mode or something like that, so your application would write a log while we were trying to crash it?
This could help.

Sorry Ember, I totally missed your question. No, there isn't a debug mode to log crashes or errors in the release version of Muvizu:Play. Thankfully the problem is fixed now Big Grin
2013/4/22 10:58:55
Time to say goodbye. I concur with all the sentiments here - Good luck in the future Marco, it'll be a sad week.
2013/4/22 10:57:29
Unknown error..... Valero wrote:
I just installed the Muvizu Play version April 12, and just as the first version, it reports "an unknown error" when saving the project????
It does save the project, but the error report always appear.

Hi Valero, we have a fix on the way for this problem. Stay tuned...
2013/4/19 11:50:44
Movie not in Gallery? mdrive wrote:
Yes that's my video!
edited by mdrive on 19/04/2013

Cool! We're looking into the cause of the problem and hopefully we'll get the video up soon.
2013/4/19 11:50:18
Double click camera window - CRASH I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has given feedback here! We're really stumped by this crash but we're not giving up and ever bit of information we get on it helps.

Thanks again Big Grin
2013/4/19 11:29:24
Forum on my mobile device There is a problem with the forum being displayed on phones, I think tables have a bigger screen so its less of a problem.

Here is how it looks on my phone using the Dolphin browser for android in portrait mode -

And again in landscape -

2013/4/19 11:21:27
I'm tired of this CRASH ! Dwarf wrote:
I installed the new version, like you said, but the problem happenend again !

Their is a big white page, and its written on it : Fatal error ......

Hi Dwarf, did you install the 3 support packages with Muvizu:Play? That's Direct X, .Net and C++ redistributable?
2013/4/19 11:18:38
Blog - link missing? simonheffer wrote:
I have the same issue on 20.0.1 (and on a different box)

Have you cleared the cache out? Like totally cleared all data in the browser? It's a pain but some times it does work. If that doesn't work could you try and screen capture this happening?
2013/4/19 11:15:47
Youtube and copyright issues Thanks for this thread - there is a lot of information here and its well worth reading. The video Dreeko posted gives an interesting insight.
2013/4/19 10:07:32
Movie not in Gallery? mdrive wrote:
Hi, I upload a video last Friday and still not showing in he gallery. Can anyone tell me why?
edited by mdrive on 17/04/2013

Hi mdrive, there does seem to have been an error with your video coming back to the Muvizu site. We're looking in to it just now.

Is this the one btw...

2013/4/18 16:17:28
Muvizu won't start Hi Dannita,

It looks like your graphics card is fine for using Muvizu, you computer spec if fine as well.

When you install Muvizu and install C++ and Direct X and .Net - these are all included in the installer and shouldn't be doing a download.

Could you send us some screen shots or video capture of the opening of Muvizu up to when it disappears?
2013/4/18 16:14:05
Forum on my mobile device HeyManMarc,

Some browsers allow you to set them as being desktops versions, even though it is on your phone. I'm not sure if this is the case for the droid handsets, or not.

Could you send us some screen shots of the problems you are having to bugs@muvizu.com and we'll take a look? Also the browser name and version number would be useful.

2013/4/18 15:57:19
Logging in ziggy72 wrote:
Eh, thanks, but why hide it there? Shouldn't it be an option when you log in from the main page too?

Good point Ziggy!
2013/4/18 15:51:30
Cannot watch videos rogdodge wrote:
I have reported a few times that I cannot view any videos in Windows 7 and IE9. I haven't heard anything back yet so I have uninstalled IE9 and tried again to see what happens but still the same problem with IE8 - just a quick flash of a black rectangle and then nothing. I have installed the latest Flash Player and Shockwave.

Although I have found if I press the Back Key and then press Forward the page displays the video, which I can play.

I have tried this in FF and though I got the video it began to slow right down until my PC crashed and I got message saying I had either a hardware or software problem. I really do not know what is wrong with my PC. I just wondered whether any one else has encountered similar problems or do most folk use FF.


EDIT: I only had the problem after upgrading to IE9 so I thought I had nothing to lose by trying IE10. Oddly enough it seems to be working for me - so far. I am now keeping my fingers crossed.
edited by rogdodge on 13/04/2013

Thanks for this report rogdodge. We believe this problem has now been fixed. Has anyone else had problems with IE9? or IE (any version) ?
2013/4/18 15:49:32
I'm tired of this CRASH ! Dwarf wrote:
Hi all, I wish I don't disturb you, but I have a big problem and I need you !

I tried Muvizu two weeks ago and I really enjoy it ! But since I have the newer version, a big crash happend each time I want to edit a wall !
Each time, it said me : cannot find the next files : C:/ ................ .ddl
I tought it was microsoft.Net that wasn't update. So , I remove it and reinstall it, but a have the same problem !

I'm able to edit characters and modify them, but I cannot modify walls, object and scenes. I also tried to remove and install again Muvizu, but the problem still happend !

I need your help, because I need this cool program for a school projet !
Thank you to help me the fastest as you can , I NEED IT.

PS: sorry for mistakes, I talk french normally !

Sincerely, Alex, 16 years old student

Hi Alex,

Have you had any luck getting Muvizu:Play (the latest version) to work?

If not I'd suggest uninstalling all and any version of Muvizu then check the C:\program files\ or C:\program files (x86)\ folders for any "Muvizu" or "Muvizu Play" folders. If you find them, after uninstalling, just delete those folders.

I'd then restart your computer and then do a fresh install of the latest version of Muvizu:Play (dated 12th April 2013).

I hope this helps, let us know how you get on.
2013/4/18 15:44:53
Email updates MrDrWho13 wrote:
Since Muvizu play is out, and the website has changed completely, I think it's time to change the email updates.

Currently, when you subscribe to a forum, you get an email update every time someone updates the forum.

I'll just use the latest one as an example:

You are subscribed to a discussion thread, which has been updated.

To view the updates visit

Neil wrote:could you please send it to bugs@muvizu.com with a note to forward it on to me. Thanks.All done

Here are some things that might be useful:
  • To have who wrote the message at the top of the email
  • The formatting (eg: the quote being separate to the post)

Your thoughts on this?


Thanks for the suggestion MrDrWho13!

urbanlamb, we got all your emails, we just had an awful lot to work through for this release. You should have a reply now. We take all your points seriously and are listening to them - sorry it took us a while to get back to you by email
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