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2012/11/26 11:18:55
Flip characters from right to left-handed? Hi Quorthon, one thing you can try is edit a camera and look at the base effects drop down. There is a horizontal flip option there. Using this, I think, you can make it look like the guitarist is left handed. Of course its not a perfect solution and you'd need to be clever about how you use it.
2012/11/20 9:55:21
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) urbanlamb wrote:
is the antialias fixed in this version?

Yes, the antialiasing is fixed Big Grin
2012/11/19 23:09:32
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Good things come to those who...

2012/11/19 19:21:25
cell phone and sitting position D'oh, I knew I forgot something... I seen this thread and meant to link the video here before..

Thanks ziggy.
2012/11/19 19:18:42
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) dwino wrote:
Just installed it, and I noticed the characters can't hold props! Actually that's not entirely true, they can hold a guitar, drum sticks, and a microphone, but nothing that would actually tell a story outside of a Music video. What happened to characters holding props?!

Hi dwino, nothing happened, they've never held anything other than the guitar, drum sticks and microphone. It's something we're talked about often but never been able to get working in the best possible way.
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2012/11/19 19:17:51
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) gimmick wrote:
Is your Muvizu folder called Muvizu22?

Yes. I use this name because I have 2 or 3 different folders with 2 or 3 different versions of Muvizu

Hi gimmick, you will need to install version 23 to use the new content packs
2012/11/19 10:52:37
Add a headset Hi Dracoboar,

Someone did this very well before. I think they used a combination of glasses and moustache attachments rotated and scaled to fit the ear as a bluetooth headset. Not sure if thats what your looking for.

Here is the video, have a look about 20 seconds in...

2012/11/19 10:46:34
Falling objects Urbanlamb and fazz have the right idea here. Once you set gravity to 100 (or whatever) you need to give the object a little nudge once you start recording so it'll know to do something. Just press the Q or E keys once and gravity should kick in.
2012/11/19 10:43:51
Comic book captions WozToons has a good solution there, make your caption in paint, gimp or photoshop and import the image as a texture for a backdrop (with gimp or photoshop you can also use transparency on your image so only the letters / words are shown.). Another option would be to import the image as a image over lay when you edit a camera and then place it on top of the scene your camera is looking at.

Another way to do it would be to use the Create > Words feature. It'll create 3D object letters for the words you type in and you can position them where you like in your scene.
2012/11/19 10:38:59
muvizu logo out Hi fullmetall, thanks for the extra info on this. It's fixed for the next version of Muvizu...
2012/11/16 10:36:47
YouTube annotations You guys know that the annotation / link system from youtube only allows you to link to other youtube videos, subscription pages, channels and playlists?

It's not as bad as the points UrbanLamb has highlighted with the twitter feed, for example.

Though, you can already put any link in the description of a video, and that would show up on Muvizu without anyone knowing (as it can also be updated any time in the future as well). Thats what the Report Abuse link is for.

I think the general point for discussion here is not where the links in annotations point to but rather should they be on by default? Personally I'd say no. They can be annoying and, looking at my own youtube channel (you can see this info from the Video Manager > Analytics > Annotations option) I get about 1.3% click through on annotations and around 6% close rate for annotations. The other 92.7% they are just ignored. So I don't think they really do all that much.
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2012/11/12 16:25:37
My first clip "Face a ta mére" oui... Big Grin
2012/11/9 13:33:35

Sorry to hear your having trouble installing Muvizu. You best option is to download from one of the mirrors. You can find them here -

32bit - http://www.gamershell.com/download_93670.shtml
64bit - http://www.gamershell.com/download_93672.shtml
Hope this works for you, if not let us know
2012/11/7 16:35:30
Muvizu with VMWare on Mac crashes Yeah, I think the problem is totally with VMWare. The machine specs you listed are good for running Muvizu so I think the problem is that you are going Mac Hardware > Mac OS > VM Ware > Windows > Muvizu.

I'd certainly try the bootcamp option as it will let you go from Mac Hardware > Windows > Muvizu and allow you full access to system resources rather than having several other layers eating up resources before Muvizu gets a chance to take a bite
2012/11/6 11:29:41
Muvizu with VMWare on Mac crashes The unfortunate truth is that if these problems were being reported for a true Windows machine, I'd recommend buying a new one as it obviously isn't up to the job of running Muvizu. You could of course try updating drivers, updating your operating system, adding more ram, buying a new graphics card but even doing all those things my guess would be your 'true windows' system would only just be able to run Muvizu.

You could also try running another Unreal engine based game (Mass Effects is one of my favourites )

Since you are running on a VM and I've no idea what spec of Mac you have, I don't know if your problem relates to the Mac hardware you are using or if its a problem with VMWare. Most people who have used Muvizu on a Mac have gone for the bootcamp option rather than VM. I think the difference is that bootcamp lets you run Windows directly on Mac hardware rather than the Mac hardware running mac software to run a virtual machine that finally runs windows which in turn runs Muvizu.

But like I say, I'm not a Mac expert
2012/11/6 10:05:49
Muvizu with VMWare on Mac crashes Hi future kids. The error you are getting means that it is running out of system memory. It happens sometimes. I'm not sure how the memory usage works for a virtual machine, and I'm no mac expert either.

We have one tutorial on using Muvizu on a mac but I think this is for bootcamp. We do get feedback of people using it on a mac so it must be possible

Has anyone had any experience of this?

2012/11/6 10:00:11
How to Close Eyelids on Original Characters Hi EEF, yes this is possible in Muvizu.

Go to direct character Head and Eyes. Record the eye size slider going down to 0 and this will make the character keep it's eyes closed.
2012/11/6 9:59:15
Question related to movie. After the halloween competition I won't be thinking of anything scary for ages
2012/11/6 9:58:35
New Introduction Hi Deon, welcome to Muvizu!
2012/11/6 9:58:12
Newbi Chandu wrote:
1.i installed directx 11.. but still when i see in muvizu system info it shows directx 9.

This happens, I'm afraid. What you need to do is check the Options menu under File in Muvizu to check what Direct X is being used.

Chandu wrote:
2.I have tried configuring with turning ON & OFF anti-aliasing related thing in my graphics card properties.

Nothing got worked.
Is this the issue with video codecs or some other thing..

There is a bug in Muvizu that has stopped Anti-aliasing working for some people. I think the best thing to do is wait for the next version and this problem should be fixed.
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