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2012/11/2 14:02:56
builder intuitif et inside builder Some interesting concepts there. Fibermesh is particularly unique
2012/10/31 18:34:59
Movie not in Gallery? Hi artpen, it can take about 24hr for videos to come back from youtube so if you uploaded it last night it'll probably come to us tonight and then be on the site tomorrow morning.

If you are worried about your entry for the competition, then don't be. It's listed on the news post

2012/10/31 11:19:01
How to.. ghost?!?!?! I'd guess it was done with some fancy, post-production jiggery-pokery. Green screen maybe?
2012/10/30 15:47:47
Muvizu with VMWare on Mac crashes Hi futurekids,

What is the error message you receive before Muvizu shuts down? A screen shot would be helpful but text is fine

Previous versions of Muvizu are available on our download page (http://www.muvizu.com/Download/) but they are not less demanding in system resources.
2012/10/29 11:13:19
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! These are all looking amazingly spooky, great work guys!
2012/10/28 18:30:31
A Screenshot So something like this?

2012/10/28 15:49:50
A Screenshot Oops. It's sunday I'm pretty sleepy today!

I still don't follow what your trying to achieve. Shadows are inside but not outside or outside but not inside? Do you have a screen shot to show me what you mean?
2012/10/28 13:38:42
A Screenshot There isn't a tutorial on doing this specifically for Muvizu, may be I'll find a spare minute or 2 and do one.

Basically though -

1. Go to photoshop

2. Create a new image, 256x256 pixels is probably good for a shower curtain unless you want it to be highly detailed.

3. Pick the colour you want it to be and use the paint bucket tool to apply that colour at 100% opacity

4. Go the channels tab (normally this is on the bottom right hand corner of the photoshop window, next to the layer tab)

5. At the bottom of this window there is a little button that looks like a piece of paper with the bottom left hand corner of it folded up. If you hover the mouse over it then it'll say "Create new channel". Click this.

6. You'll now have a black image, don't worry this is the alpha your seeing. Go back to your paint bucket tool and change the opacity to 50% or 60% or whatever level you want. Once you paint bucket the image it'll turn a shade of grey.

7. Look at your channels tab, you'll see that your RGB, Red, Green, Blue channels are not visible. Click the little eye icon on the left hand side of each channel and your image will appear again - though now it will have a red tint to it. This red is the opacity on the image.

8. Save the image as a TGA (targa) file

9. Go to sketchup and create or open the shower curtain model. Apply your newly created TGA as the material. Adjust the tile / position / etc in sketchup and then export your model

10. Open Muvizu and go Import Object. Select your ASE file and then look at the "Map alpha to" drop down option. This needs to be set as "Opacity".

11. Click import and move it into place in your set, you should now have a 50% or 30% or whatever level transparent shower curtain.

Hope this all makes sense!
2012/10/26 10:07:49
Newbi Chandu wrote:

1.what is collision in 3d model as per muvizu is concerned?

If you are familiar with unreal, then it is the same technically. I'd recommend you use collision as little as possible and only add it where an object needs to sit on the ground or a character really needs to stand on an object.

Chandu wrote:

2.Can i do cloth effect in Muvizu?

Yes, but, no, but... We have capes for the hero and villains characters. BarryS posted the link above. These instances are limited to capes on those 3 characters, though creative thought can put them to good use.

Chandu wrote:

3.When i import an externel 3d model which is downloaded from muvizu users, i can import it to my scene.But next time if i see the same model it will not be their in objects.so that i required to import it again.So what makes the external models to remain in object gallery permanently?

As urbanlamb said you can right click on an object and go to the "Favourites" tab and save a copy there for later use. You can also download the model file from the website and keep it on your computer ready to import. Granted that's not entirely keeping the object there just to use but its a step closer if you don't like the Favourites system.

Although I'm not sure if this is what you mean by object gallery.

Chandu wrote:

4.can i make a scene of city full of buildings,trees,vehicles etc,. and create a view like hilicofter shoot mode..?if yes how?

Yes. Go to "Direct Cameras" and you can drive the camera around while it points down at a city scene.

Chandu wrote:

5.can i make a scene of 1 person standing inside some shop and another from outside & purchasing somethiing?if yes how?

The transparent texture on a backdrop is a good way to go, but if you are interested in modelling you can also model the wall you want with the service hole in it ready to use.

Chandu wrote:

6.How do i get 3d models like various buildings,trees etc into the muvizu?

We have a gallery here, and available in the application under "Online" on the "Create objects" tab. You can also use Sketchup's 3D Warehouse to access thousands of objects ready to export and import. There are also a lot of online galleries with lots of models available to use - though some of them do charge for use.

Hope this helps, I look forward to seeing your movies!
2012/10/24 16:03:24
UE3shadercompileworker Is it the exact same error message about UE3ShaderCompileWorker.exe being missing every time?

If you need any more help we're here to do so
2012/10/24 9:49:36
UE3shadercompileworker I've tried these objects and sets. The m_team one crashed for me yesterday but looking at this again it loaded without error this morning, as did the objects you listed.

I'm just not able to reproduce the error you are having, so it's pretty hard for me to find a solution for you without being able to make the problem happen. It's not one I've seen reported before either. That's not to say it isn't a real problem for you.

Have you looked in the binaries32 folder to check if the UE3CompileShader.exe file is there?

Have you tried to uninstall and wipe all Muvizu parts from your computer before doing a nice, clean, fresh install? If not I'd really recommend you try this as a first step.
2012/10/23 16:27:00
UE3shadercompileworker Hi perri,

I've tried the m_team.set and it crashed for me, though I'm getting a different error message. The farm set loads fine.

I can't see anything called "Low terrain" - could you post a link to it so I can try it?

Also, just to be clear, this problem is with loading sets not importing 3D objects (ASE) ?

I'll need to look into this in a bit more detail before I can understand whats happening.
2012/10/22 21:51:00
Learning blender You might want to give minecraft a go lol - theres an ase exporter for that as well!
2012/10/22 21:24:18
Learning blender Indeed it can Ziggy!


Or here is a tutorial I found on youtube (its actually tutorial #26 from the playlist posted above) -

2012/10/22 16:23:29
Need a model or set made? Did you import the lid with map alpha to opacity as well as the jar? That's the only way I was able to get it to happen. If you leave map alpha to none it works fine, for me anyway
2012/10/22 14:31:31
Learning blender There's been a bit of chatter on the forums recently about blender and how to use it, so here is a series of tutorials and pointers that will let you create a model, collision, an UV or ID texture and Ambient Occlusion (AO) map to import into Muvizu. Hope this helps.

Step 1

The first step is to learn blender UI and the basics of modelling. To do this I followed tutorials 1 - 8 from http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL006307E237BB7FF6&feature=plcp

Step 2

Next up is to generate UV and AO maps for your model. One important point here is the naming of your files, so that Muvizu knows how to import it. If you don't name your files this way, then it won't work on import to Muvizu.




What I found was that its best to use the "Smart unwrap" option in blender. Then select the part of your model you want and seperate out that part on the uv map. The reason is that as good as "Smart unwrap" is, the resulting UV map layout is all jumbled up and in order to have any idea of what part of the map relates to what part of the model you need to go through the model and re-arrage the sections to make sense once you get in to photoshop / paint / gimp.

Shortcut keys for uv editing in blender -

a - select all / deselect current
b - box select
s - scale
r - rotate
g - grab / move
shift - right click - add or remove a vertice from the selection

Step 3

Finally add collision and export your model. Also I'd keep it as simple as possible, use basic cubes and only where you actually need it to be. E.g. where you want the object to sit on the ground in Muvizu and where you really really need a character to stand.

Note: Collision must be in CAPTIALS e.g. UCX_ob_my_model to go with ob_my_model object.

Export script for blender is at http://code.google.com/p/ase-export-vmc/

2012/10/22 10:21:40
Publishing movie ziggy is right, the only way is to upload your video through Muvizu on to youtube.
2012/10/22 10:19:57
UE3shadercompileworker Hi perri, sounds like you've got a bad installer there. I'd uninstall and make sure all the Muvizu stuff is totally removed and then download the installer from our mirrors and re-install. If this doesn't work let us know and we'll take it further

32bit - http://www.gamershell.com/download_93670.shtml
64bit - http://www.gamershell.com/download_93672.shtml
2012/10/22 10:17:53
Ground plane image bug Another work around is to raise the ground planes up, put abstract cubes down (think of it as foundations) and place your ground planes on top.

We've always had this problem in Muvizu, and it's not just limited to ground planes, backdrops are the obvious example, but really any object will be pushed around when you scale another into it.
2012/10/16 10:17:54
Last of the Fairy Kind This is beautiful hamster! Very nicely done and just goes to show you how much you can achieve, with story telling, without using words.

You must have been at this for months doing that forest though!
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