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2016/3/9 15:04:18
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? It depends on the DVD player. You can only do a test or check the specs.

As to the used Muvizu release: click the ? in the upper right corner and then click about.
2016/3/9 14:05:14
animation fans Thank you for sharing Good Posting
2016/3/8 21:53:48
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? Like the DVD can be played on some DVD-players - and not - or not perfectly (lagging, frequent pixelation, hangs etc) - on others.

For your mentioned use (playing on laptops, large screens etc) a DVD burned on an amateur burner and burned in real basic DVD format will hardly give an acceptable result.

It is much better to use the DVD as a data disc and burn the finished video to it in mpeg2 and mp4 format and 1080p at as high a bit rate as your equipment will play. Do some tests to find out how it works.

BUT: As most laptops, newer TV-screens etc can play directly from USB-sticks - however - why not use USB-sticks ? then you may achieve speeds as high as 25 Mbps or higher.
Not that you (generally) will notice much quality gain above 20 Mbps using mp4.
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2016/3/8 9:25:31
Img sequence & wav file audio sync in Sony Vegas? I had similar problems getting the quality of the Muvizu generated video perfect for Vegas use while keeping the audio in sync.

1) As a long time Vegas user - I normally use the Lagatith lossless codec for such purposes - and tried it with Muvizu too - and the result is very satisfying IMHO.

The Lagarith codec does not "encode" the Muvizu-generated picture-sequence - it kind of compresses it like i.e. when you compress a .zip file.

You can get the "newest" version 1.3.27 here: http://www.videohelp.com/software/Lagarith-Lossless-Video-Codec
It is easy to install - spoils nothing - and pops up nicely in Muvizu (and Vegas too).
You may then output the Muvizu generated 1080 25p media lossless with no jpg-artifacts etc.
Only back-draw is the 2 GB file-max. allowing about 2 minutes at a time.

2) When editing in Vegas it is a good thing not to force Vegas to transform the media internally to another format(s) (1080 to i.e. 2160 and/or 25 fps to 50 fps to 30 fps etc) as this is bound to introduce different problems.

3) When Vegas has to do these transformations it mostly "resamples" the media (in addition to the transformation) - which gives many problems like "ghost"-frames etc - Vegas even tends to do this resampling when there is no use for it - but it still disturbs the quality - so it is often a good idea to Right click the media on the time line, chose Switches and Disable Resample.

Different Vegas groups have tried for years to persuade Sony to let this "Smart Resampling" not be the default setting - but without result.
2016/2/26 13:30:27
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Showing the content of .set files in Windows Explorer as thumbnails instead of just the Muvizu logo is really a very useful improvement.
2016/2/15 5:59:36
Head attachment/ face mask Actions/Dialogue ??? ziggy72: You are perfectly right - and it was actually that nice work of clayster that originally gave me the idea that such a thing could be done.

Carefully scrutinizing claysters video now shows that the eye area(s) and the mouth area come from the underlying character with a similar skintone - and so they are not a part of the attachment - which is what I assumed at first.

Before your suggestion I just did not know where to begin looking - so: thank you.

PatMarrNC: Right now I am on a long holiday only having my little 15 inch laptop around - so I can not make a tutorial here - however I would have tried to make it this way:

1-Muvizu-make video with the head attachment on the head of the character
2-Muvizu-make video with the head attachment off - but with an attachment similar skin tone of the character.
Note: between the 1) and 2) recordings the cameras must not be adjusted.
3-In Sony Vegas use 1) as the master and letting a small Bezier-masked part of the face from 2) cover the unmoveable head attachment...
... there will be a considerable amount of trial and error in this - but an acceptable result is quite probable.
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2016/2/14 7:34:14
Head attachment/ face mask Actions/Dialogue ??? Please: a hint to a Muvizu Wiki or Tutorial or forum post where it is described how to let a characters eyes, mouth etc. move according to applied actions (angry, sad etc) and synchronizing to a dialogue ??

I have googled and tried different things for quite some time now - but not found anything useable so far.

Such a thing can be used for many purposes - right now I just would like to create a Yoda head with eye + lid movements and some dialogue - but as soon as I have put the Yoda head attachment on the Fat Man's face his Yoda face remains totally unmoveable...

Or - would I just have to make the movements 1) with the attachment and 2) without attachment but with a yoda-colored skin tone/texture - and then make a masked mix of the 2 recordings in i.e. Sony Vegas ? (As Muvizu is nicely repetitive this might work well.)
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2016/2/11 6:50:11
Star Wars spoof ( Do or Do Not,there is no try) An "out"-house on a lonely island with a palmtree ....

.... So nice - and thank you for sharing it !
2016/2/10 6:25:56
Star Wars spoof ( Do or Do Not,there is no try) Is that fine little ****-house with the heart to find anywhere, please ?
Such things are always nice to have in the "utilities" drawer :- ))
2016/2/5 6:43:45
From the Wabby's Land Bought it too.

Wondrous how such fine environment possibilities can boost ones fantasy when making up ideas for future movies.

Mostly I have xxx+ ideas for movies - but since I can not even draw a dog so that it is not kinda looking like a stone with a Spronge Bob head - most of the ideas are just discarded before they are thought halfway to an end...

Thank you so much Wabby!

2016/2/5 6:16:45
1.6? Any good yet? Pretty sure that Support / Jamie can mail you a link to such a version.
2016/1/26 17:33:52
Trying to speed up renders but need shadow help Thank you MrDrWho13.

... and YES! yet another cornucopia of possibilities from the Great Muvizu Team.

Only problem: no price tag attached ?? then where can I pay for such an astonishing set of styles and features ??

( Btw.- for other newbies like me - How to use it : Edit the character and go to the decals tab. Choose the custom texture and go down to costumes.
Remember that the costumes are body shape specific, so if you are using the "Fat Man" body shape then only the Fat Man costumes will work properly. (Quote from ukBerty))
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2016/1/26 9:04:34
Trying to speed up renders but need shadow help @ mrmuviz: Really nice bluejeans you have made for that character - Is it possible you could upload them to your profile or mail them to me ?Thanks / ritsmer
2016/1/25 16:35:02
Adjust the speed of actions Using the Great Muvizu for rock-band concert videos where Muvizu characters "play" to real music one could really wish for the possibility to adjust the speed of several actions - i.e. this would make it possible to make finger-snapping, the drummers Rock-beat loops etc etc. more in time with the music.
Also several not-music oriented actions would be more usable with this feature.
2016/1/24 13:31:57
Copy objects from one set to another ? Using last stable 1.5 version.

I can select and copy in one instance of Muvizu - but in the other set I can not paste as the "paste" command is grayed out.

It seems that one can only paste in the same Muvizu instance as from where you made the copy.

Anyway - I knew this before - but what I really wanted was to "copy" a full set of ready-made objects into another set - like if I have my rock-band finished with movements, actions etc - and then wanted to copy/import/whatever the existing "Colosseum"-set over the rockband to make them play in Colosseum without having to build the full Colosseum around the band...
2016/1/24 9:08:28
Copy objects from one set to another ? Having made a set with a rock-band playing I suddenly found a Muvizu set on the internet that would be a much better environment than the one I used - and I wonder if I somehow could copy/paste/import/whatever the 50+ objects from this great set into my set - or maybe copy my rockband with characters, actions etc into the other set ?

Yeah, yeah: incredible what Muvizu users can wish for - but it would be a nice thing if it were possible :- )))
2016/1/24 9:02:53
Make video output transparent Wanting to put Muvizu characters into a human environment you can simply make the set with a fully green-screen environment and then chromakey this into the human environment in Sony Vegas and the like.

Now: Is it possible to create a fully transparent environment and then Make Video using a codec that allows transparency ?
i.e. I'm using the Lagarith codec for many other transparency purposes in my not-Muvizu video work - and this codec can render into RGBA (where A is the Alpha (=transparency)) channel).

I have come so far that I can Make Video in Muvizu with Lagarith in RGBA-mode - bot I do not know how to make the environment in the set transparent so that the resulting video will have transparent areas ??
2016/1/22 8:34:05
Failed to load object from file Brucik wrote:
I love muvizu and with a little community management here and there, it has a potential of being huge!

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2016/1/21 16:06:10
Mute audio and Mouth movements Yes - what is what I presumed too.

Now the problem was obviously that it did not work so in the new 1.6 Beta version -
But after I then installed the former stable 1.5 version (because of several other "challenges" in the new Beta) it works precisely as expected.
2016/1/21 14:52:23
Changing back to the 1.6 version ? This is going to be A Never Ending Story...

Just to be extra sure I uninstalled the 1.6 version and then installed Ziggys (Thank you!) Sept. 22 1.5 version.

Result: "The license key you have provided is not valid."

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