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2014/2/28 18:12:51
Asset Creation Hello

First, thanks for speaking out and giving us all this feedback. Here's the context for all this, the reason for the original post:

This is all about moderation or, specifically the time and cost it takes to pre-check every asset submitted to Muvizu. Regular contributors will know that everything you send has a wee delay before it appears on this site. The delay is due to one of our QA team personally checking over the asset and either allowing or blocking its publication on our site.
Every single asset goes through this moderation process because we have children and vulnerable people using our software. We check videos, sound clips, sets, models and everything else sent in.

For 3D assets this process is very labour intensive. 3D assets are regularly broken, buggy or problematic. We usually start talking with the author and get drawn into an iterative re-submission cycle. We do this because it's important that assets look great, work and can be shared with others. But it IS a long and costly process.

So please understand that this is not about burying the gallery, or storage space, or neglect or anything else. Moderation and cost.

There are those internal and external to Muvizu who question the need for moderation and that, i suppose, is a different debate.

Now, contrary to the fears that Digimania is scaling back, switching off or dismissing the user base, all I can say is that those overworked QA guys are busy working on an (as yet) unannounced project. We're actually planning expansion in several areas.

There are lots of great ideas in this thread from user-hosted galleries and other asset pages. Muvizu HQ is open to any idea that keeps assets flowing in. Indeed, we'll endeavor to help anyone who tries to set up such a 'fan site' or similar.

So please be reassured that the asset gallery isn't disappearing, just closing to new 3D and audio submissions.

And if anyone has any thoughts on how to store and present a non-moderated asset gallery then we're all ears and more than willing to lend our support.

2014/1/22 9:45:07
Show us your Beefy! Keep them coming, they'e great!

2013/4/18 19:13:00
new and happy with question Hi imped

Glad to have you with us!

I've sent you a direct message through Muvizu's message system. Can you check your profile page/inbox please.

2013/4/11 13:15:55
FAQ for common queries I wonder if this can be done as a WIKI? After all, we're at a point in time where the users (rather than the makers) are doing the really clever stuff with Muvizu:Play.

Great idea mind you

2013/4/11 10:45:29
Bugs in Muvizu:Play Hi ste_yeu

Thanks for the feedback. We'll take a look at #1 for you, but #2 surprises me...what you're expected to see is a two-handed gesture with a subtle weight-shift that sends the character slightly in a direction. I wonder if the subtleties are too hard to spot or whether some lower-body animation is overwriting the weight-shift. Curious one, that.

I'll ask our animators to take a look.

Many thanks

2013/4/11 9:28:25
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Hi

This is great feedback, thank you all so much for being so enthusiastic and helpful. Rest assured that all of these points will be addressed as we roll out our usual updates to the software over the next week or two. Please keep the feedback coming in - it all adds up to an improved Muvizu experience.

So, please also look out for update prompts from Muvizu:Play...

2012/12/26 15:17:35
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Hello

Thanks to everyone who's entered so far. We're impressed by how many people figured out the code. For those who haven't yet don't forget: there's still time to enter the 'prize draw' part of the hunt.

Keep sleuthing and good luck

Barry, on behalf of MuvizuHQ
2012/12/24 14:30:18
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Not exactly Big Wally. You need to piece together the clues found in the Muvizu videos. Once you've deciphered the clues then the final instructions will become clear.

If you've missed any videos then there's a full listing here:

Good Luck and have a happy Christmas.


(On behalf of all at Muvizu HQ)
2012/12/20 11:43:27
The Elephant in the Room Dreeko:

That's beautifully lit, well staged and very funny. Nice one.

2012/11/25 13:08:45
Video Joiner Error If you're pushing Muvizu output down an editing pipeline then I'd always recommend numbered frames as the best choice. You can select individual Targa (TGA) frames when you 'Make Movie' Just change the file type from AVI to TGA sequence.
2012/11/9 14:24:30
Huh? Hi BigWally

Moguls are exemplary Muvizu users who are prolific creators, community leaders or all-round good eggs. The chap (I think) you're referring to has been incredibly helpful with the Italian language version of Muvizu and has made dozens of videos with the software. We've recognised his contribution to the Muvizu project by naming him as a Mogul.

Now, unfortunately we can't 'make' him upload to this site, nor can we 'make' him even choose YouTube but nonetheless for activities you're not aware of and in service to a fledgling Italian community he's now a well-deserved Mogul.

Oh, and we're working on changing our video-hosting system so that his (and others') videos can be brought across to ours. So, hopefully, you'll see his creations soon enough.

Thanks for a great question.

2012/10/25 20:35:55
Newbi Hello Chandu

I think you've asked so many questions that you've scared people away. Let me try and help you where I can. Have a look at the video tutorials for an in-depth guide:

1. Sorry, I don't understand this one

2. Some of our new characters have objects that behave like realistic cloth. It's limited to our new characters because the technology didn't exist when we made the old ones. So, have a look at the Heroes and Villains pack for proper skirts capes and belts. That pack is here:

3. Good question. I will email one of our in-house experts. Jamie and Marco are pretty good with external geometry. Look out for their reply soon.

4. Easy. Start with either the pre-made city set file or add the objects individually. These tutorials will help:

5. Like a McDonald's drive through? Your best bet is to use a Backdrop object to represent the window. Place a partially transparent window texture on the object and you should have the effect you want. Here's how:

6. Yuor best bet is to use Sketchup and look at these tutorials:

Hope that helps

2012/10/25 20:19:56
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Wow! These are looking great!

Keep up the good work - it's inspiring.

2012/8/14 16:23:52
Help! What's with the colours Barry? Dylly

I can't recreate this. Can you email the set file and all models and textures to please.

2012/8/14 16:14:40
Help! What's with the colours Barry? Looking into it right now...
2012/8/14 16:11:35
Been away for a while Hi Wizaerd

Glad to have you back! Both of those things have been the subject of design meetings held at Muvizu HQ in the last few days. We're not close to solving them yet but we DO know that they could be better.

Hopefully you've been delighted and charmed to see the other improvements we've made though: Superheroes, stability, half-download size, more languages, content packs, more animations, character effects...

2012/8/8 21:59:18
Muvizu for Worldwide Hello Hengky

Your English is very good and I am glad that you are enjoying it. We're adding new languages all the time so lets see if we can help Indonesia.

Written help is more difficult because our software changes a lot. Perhaps this is something we can look at.

Thank you for your comments.

2012/8/5 22:00:13
can start a new scene in muvizu? HI Nealie

Not sure exactly what you mean and I assume that you've tried FILE - NEW from the top menu?

A "new scene" dialog box will appear with some thumbnails in it. Click on the white thumbnail. It's a blank set.

Hope that helps

2012/5/31 15:40:57
Gun_in_Hand You're all 100% right to want this and 100% right to keep on our backs.

I promise you guys that we'll tackle the 'holding' issue soon. Really, honestly, I promise.

This thread has kicked off an internal email discussion so we ARE talking about it. We may be able to look at this issue v. soon.

2012/5/15 9:43:10
Using muvizu for vid game cutscene Hi HayManMarc

Your project sounds like an interesting idea. However, since we take each commercial enquiry on a case-by-case basis, I'd really appreciate if you could write to and introduce yourself and your project. I can't sanction commercial usage (even if it's not-for-profit) until we establish contact via email.

Thank you

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