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2018/2/20 3:39:55
Timeline won't appear Amazed you managed to install Muvizu on a tablet PC - this program uses a game engine, so needs a PC that can run a game engine. I don't think the Galaxy Book can do that.
2017/11/20 19:40:19
Muvizu Stopped Working Even when Digimania was still here, I told people the same thing - NEVER update the program this way (using the auto update). If there's a new version of Muvizu, download it and install it SEPARATELY from your existing version in case the new version is broken (which it often was, and still is apparently). Uninstall Muvizu (being sure to make a copy of your license first) and reinstall the old version you had.
2016/11/17 13:31:05
Is it possible to make a game using Muvizu? I sure did Doc : http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic6017-making-your-own-game-is-impossible-not.aspx

You might also want to look at GameMaker Mindi : http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker
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2016/11/15 23:35:17
ziggy72 wrote:
That's a great little video Rodrisilva, but the model at the end is single sided - how can you avoid that?

One way is to duplicate mesh and flip normals direction on second mesh. Not necessariy all model but only transparent area car section.

You know, I had to choose a simple model for this tuto, not the ideal one.

Makes sense, thanks
2016/11/15 20:10:54
TRANSPARENT MATERIALS IN FBX FILES That's a great little video Rodrisilva, but the model at the end is single sided - how can you avoid that?
2016/11/14 23:49:16
Can't find asa.png? Up to 20,000 polygons is fine, beyond that and it gets harder to import (and tends to crash out). The upper limit's supposed to be 65,000 but I've never got near that successfully. Don't think there's any limits for textures.
2016/11/11 19:25:55
Pivot while sitting on an office chair Put the character in his own layer and rotate the camera around him, is what I'd do. Rotation is easy in Directed mode because you can move the big pink pivot thing to the centre of the character's head and then use the arrow keys to rotate around that point.
2016/11/11 19:20:58
Sketchup to Muvizu Sorry, no, now I'm confusing things

The Ziggymesh plugin lives in Tools, not plugins. My original ZMB (Match Box) is what I still use, and that has the HardPCM path instead. I know it's odd that I don't use the plugin named after me, but I have boring technical reasons for still using the ZMB.
2016/11/11 17:01:32
eye brow animation You can't animate the 3d ones in Muvizu, no, but you can animate the textures. I made a set of demo UV textures you can work off :

2016/11/11 16:58:59
Sketchup to Muvizu Also, there is no ASE export option in Sketchup even after you put in the Ziggymesh plugin - to export an object as ASE, you open the menus like this:

Plugins > HardPCMs Exporter for Unreal Tournament > Export > ASE format
2016/11/9 18:40:41
Make a video with a transparent background. If you're going to use transparencies, you'll need a video editor. Assuming you don't already have one, download Hitfilm Express. Otherwise, which video editor do you use?
2016/11/9 16:05:20
Exporting a character from a set Load your original set, select your characters, Copy them, load up your new set, Paste them, save set.


Load your original set, select each character and make them Favourites (so then they show up as Favourites in every set). I would recommend the first method though.
2016/11/9 2:42:46
Waves simulation That looks awesome Rodrisilva! Having the opacity control is nice touch Applause
2016/11/8 16:34:41
Cannot download tria You should be able to download it regardless of your PC setup. Are you using a download manager or anything like that? Which browser are you using? And does your PC meet the minimum spec? http://www.muvizu.com/System-requirements
2016/11/6 16:11:30
Coming to soon to the Muvizu store clayster2012 wrote:
Also trying to introduce a new traffic system to muvizu, I want to make it where the lights can blink and change colors with my traffic lights like the ones that comes with muvizu, but Im not sure how it's done, don't mean to sound like a noob, but can someone shed some light on to do that?
edited by clayster2012 on 06/11/2016

I don't know how you'd do it automatically, but it is doable manually. As long as each light has it's own texture, you can animate the Object Properties in Muvizu, set that light's texture to animated, then you can swap out a dark light/bright light picture on demand to fake the lights.
2016/11/6 0:16:59
TUTORIAL IMPORT 3D MOMDELS FROM SKETCHUP TO MUVIZU Good tutorial, nice job Tony, tutorials aren't easy to make (as I recently found out). Showing every step was always going to be necessary for this one, and you did it well. Btw it was actually ukBerty who made the Ziggymesh exporter, based on my 'match box' collision volume ASE file, so credit is due to him as well.
2016/11/3 12:49:37
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... Great little set, awesome movie - so beautifully done, so well animated and constructed, just amazing. If you haven't watched it yet, get to it!
2016/11/2 14:34:43
New user - failing to render a basic animation The HD 5570 is a media centre type card, not for gaming (and Muvizu is based on a game engine). It has 1gb onboard memory, and is sharing some with the system memory (removing 1.5g of your 4gb RAM). At least 1gb of that RAM is used by windows10, leaving you with 1.5gb to run Muvizu. Your machine is either a small media box or a laptop - either way, it is underpowered to run Muvizu. It'll still work, but it will be slow, so don't expect miracles You can help things a bit by reducing the system display settings to match your movie (1280x720) which will reduce the system load and memory requirements.
2016/11/1 18:06:21
Capes for Standard Characters? No idea which model it was based off, so here it is (and its associated SKP file) : https://1drv.ms/u/s!ALlUfF5OI9dJgUA

I forgot I had this since its just part of my Darth Vader costume. I think it works best as a 'back' attachment rather than neck, if I recall. Enjoy
2016/10/31 14:42:31
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Results Well done to everyone! Tony's vid was my favourite too - funny, well thought out and it doesn't feel like it's 9 minutes long, which is a good thing
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