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2016/3/25 12:44:29
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Tried chopping it up so I could possibly animate the wings separately, but it didn't quite work. Back to the research lab...
2016/3/25 3:05:33
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Woah! Slow down a bit Braj, can't keep up with all your output - great stuff, going to try it all out tomorrow. The water and boat combo looks excellent, and I want to have a go at animating that dragon... it would be a Muvizu breakthrough if someone could get that to animate (convincingly), but with keyframes it might just be possible...
2016/3/23 18:19:54
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs What's going on with the ties? In v1.5 they bounce around like they're supposed to when a character walks, but in v1.7 they flap up and down like a piece of tissue paper in a hurricane. Can we please have weight adjusters for ties, skirts, capes, etc so we can tone it down when the characters move?
2016/3/20 19:37:51
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Jump to Next/Previous Marker ignores markers and instead jumps to the start/end of each Action.
2016/3/17 17:56:02
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Interesting, thanks JG - seems like if you have grouped objects in a v1.5 set they wont behave properly in v1.7 (unless you ungroup/regroup, I would assume).
2016/3/16 23:09:27
Coming Soon 2016 Hope to have it done this year...but said that last year...and the year before that... tell you what, ask ukBerty Big Grin

Actually, part of the reason this takes so long is that I realised, as I was shooting down at the far end, that I didn't like the corridor - it was too cheerful for a prison. So I changed it a bit, added a crack to the plaster, which means re-rendering it...

...and I still might come back to that one. And the cell at the end...and Hammer Time
2016/3/16 18:55:21
Coming Soon 2016
2016/3/16 2:19:26
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Odd, I'll check again. It was just any groups of objects in a set, nothing in particular.
2016/3/15 22:36:58
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs Anyone else having problems moving groups of objects? Every time I try it (with v1.7) they jump to a strange location. Doesn't happen with v1.5.
2016/3/14 16:35:24
More camera tracking experimentation Nothing freakier than seeing Muvizu characters 'alive' in the world. You're messing with reality!! EEK!
2016/3/14 1:00:25
animation fans urbanlamb wrote:
Yes and dont get the indigo renderer its meant for still shots LOL.

So it is - it's so confusing, there's so many bits they sell!
2016/3/13 14:07:18
animation fans I think it was only for that one day. They'll do it again, I suppose you just gotta look out for it. I've been watching the tutorials and messing around with it - basically everything that everyone always requests for Muvizu is already in iclone. The downside is that iclone (in general) is all but useless without the 3D Exchange program, which is expensive. Also the lighting in iclone 5 is rubbish, unless you get the indigo renderer which is available bundled within the Pro version...and so on. Iclone 6 has really good lighting, and a nicer interface, but the bundle you actually need to do what you'd expect with it costs $500. Iclone is not a cheap route to movie making, is what I'm saying
2016/3/11 22:55:07
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs The dark lights still don't work right.

2016/3/10 13:20:46
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? The PAL/NTSC format decision is taken by DVD Architect, somewhere in it's options, since it's to do with how the video is mastered onto the disk. Input format doesn't really matter.
2016/3/10 0:37:57
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? In DVD Architect the aspect ratio has to be set to 16:9 for the output, regardless of what the AR was when you imported it, to get it to go widescreen. Also, your source has to be widescreen too or it's squishy time.
2016/3/9 18:23:39
animation fans On that page I'm shown as a CTA2TrialUser so the price is $199 for Pro - I'm not a proper member, apparently... but that's cool, it still gives me a chance to see how iclone works up close and personal like
2016/3/9 17:15:22
animation fans Steam also gives away games free for a day sometimes - I got Left For Dead 2 like that, just noticed it on Steam one day. For this one you have to create a (free) account with Reallusion, and you can't upgrade this version to 6.

Got it, installed it, everyone should do the same. It's free people!
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Thanks Drewi!!
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2016/3/9 17:08:32
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? Most Resolutions Mentioned in a Thread Ever!

CloudNinja, I also have to make stuff up to put on DVD. These are my steps to getting the best quality :

1. Load it into Vegas - if Vegas doesn't like the format/codec, then I use Xilisoft Video Converter to convert it to a h.264/MP4 codec @ 1280 x 720 25fps 6000k, which Vegas does like. That particular resolution is handy to remove the aspect ratio from stretched 4:3 footage and make it 1:1 aspect ratio, which gives you less problems down the line (and still preserve as much quality as is possible from 720x576 footage, which is all that standard definition TV actually is, even in widescreen). From Muvizu I use TGA sequences, which always gives the best quality (since there is no compression) and I can always load straight into Vegas.

(Incidentally, the preview window in Vegas lies, never trust it to show you what's actually happening, only the rendered shot counts)

2. Export it from Vegas as a MainConcept MPEG2 format HDV 1280x720 6k 16:9 aspect ratio.

3. Convert (with Xili again since Vegas has strange ideas about what constitutes a DVD compliant format) to a straight MPEG2, 720x576, 3k 25fps.

4. Load that into your DVD authoring software - that format also works well with DVD Architect I seem to remember, but I've always stuck with DVD Lab cos it's better

DVD Architect should then demux the video into MPA and MPV streams, which have fixed quality values, which is why it's pointless trying to stuff HD onto a DVD. You can preserve as much as you can in the editing phase, but your final input into DVD Architect is always limited to 720x576 at 3k and 25fps as an absolute maximum. This is why no one uses DVDs anymore Big Grin
2016/3/8 1:10:28
Img sequence & wav file audio sync in Sony Vegas? If your source is 25fps, that's what you got to work with. In Vegas, you can get a plugin called Twixtor which changes the frame rate of any clip to a new one, so you can put different sources together at one new frame rate. I use Twixtor to get slowmo out of Muvizu, but you could also use it to resample it up to 50fps or whatever while keeping the same speed (so your audio should stay in sync). Don't know how Hitfilm handles it.
2016/3/7 17:54:24
Super Hero Man The black highlights showing up in the character's eyes at the end bit are caused by using Dark Lights with the Distance set too far (so it hits the character). Best to turn them down until they don't show, or avoid them altogether and start with a completely dark, unlit set and add lights until it looks good. Good first attempt though.

PS You're not that Tony James are you, the one from Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Sisters Of Mercy? Wouldn't have thought so but I have to ask
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