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2015/11/19 0:08:54
CHILD CHARACTERS Children, babies and pregnancy - all required too, I would second.
2015/11/17 19:31:46
Market place Quality control - yes. Everything should be vetted first, as it still happens with movies. As for multiple items - I would love to be able to use zip files to upload bunches of textures, rather than have to do each variant individually (which I had to do recently for the RAF stuff). Same goes for sets and models. Content packs save time and are more appealing than single items, I think. And as Urban says, ownership of the assets have to be clear, and they should actually be significantly different from the standard assets that already ship with the program.
2015/11/16 15:24:54
Optimum PC requirements? What MrDrWho13 says is all correct, but I'd also add one other thing - video card. Spend as much as you can on the video card. Seriously, the rest isn't that important, build your system around the video card. Muvizu won't use all the cores on an i5, let alone an i7, I've never seen it use more than 8gb (and my sets get pretty big), but Muvizu will drag a substandard video card to it's knees as soon as you turn the shadows and resolutions up, and will render out scenes in geological time scales. Spend as much as you can on the video card. I use a GTX 970, and have no regrets
2015/11/16 15:09:58
A Good Time At Jabba's ( Vader : Gandum Style). Good job on the characters and attachments! Less said about that awful song the better...
2015/11/11 18:15:52
Key frames update 10th November No idea what it's going on about here

2015/11/11 18:11:17
Key frames update 10th November Dialogue Talk/Shush info also missing from imported sets (but works okay when recorded in a new set).
2015/11/11 17:32:36
Key frames update 10th November Still clips mp3s to about 8 seconds.
2015/11/9 16:25:42
aaaaaaaaargh! help! Never install an untested update on your software (whatever it is) if you have a deadline - it's just common sense. Go back to using v1.5, ignore the message to update when you load it (until v1.6 works), and you'll be fine.
2015/11/9 15:15:41
07-11-2015 release Feedback I didn't realise that the 'graph' part of the keyframes plugin is actually visible when you use it - nice touch. Works well.

Bug - when you press play (or Space) the timeline continues on playing from where you last played from, not from where the edit point actually is, which makes it kind of unusable for the moment, I'd say.

Actually, just noticed, only does this if you use the keyboard shortcuts (as I do) and doesn't effect using the mouse controls.
edited by ziggy72 on 09/11/2015

All Character Actions, Eyes Look At, and Eye Size tracks have disappeared from sets when loaded into v1.6.

Marker jump keys no longer go to the markers, but just jump a few ticks ahead.
edited by ziggy72 on 09/11/2015
2015/11/5 21:32:55
01/10/2105 Release Feedback The latest nvidia drivers don't seem to work well with Muvizu in some circumstances, and it's not really clear why that should be. I'm still using Windows 7, same codecs, same everything else as I've ever used, but with the 358 drivers I get glitches on my video renders (with Muvizu v1.5, never happened with v1.3). Like Jamie says, I fixed it by just letting Windows put in it's default nvidia drivers after a clean uninstall of the latest drivers.
2015/11/2 19:34:59
The BIG Ol' Codec**t and Windows 10... You can just right click on the clip (in Vegas) and select Reverse to fix it if you bring the sequence in backwards. I would also add to all this that TGAs work very well with a solid state drive when using 1080 resolution. A normal hard drive struggles to stream that much in real time, SSDs breeze through it.
2015/11/1 12:47:15
The BIG Ol' Codec**t and Windows 10... MrDrWho13 wrote:
EEFilmz wrote:
CUDA speeds up rendering video speeds and utilizes the graphics card ram rather than the cpu's.

Using the VRAM is a basic requirement of a graphics card surely?

Yup, but only usually for textures and 3D models, not video rendering and such - CUDA lets you use the faster VRAM (rather than your system's slower DRAM) to process this stuff to give a modest performance boost, but nothing so dramatic it's a game changer or anything.
2015/10/30 13:07:41
Psycho killer Horrifically good Big Grin So dark and nasty, such an excellent atmosphere throughout. Best Muvizu vid I've seen in ages!
2015/10/30 12:49:58
leave of absence LOL good one Dreeko. Hope your new hutch I mean house goes well, Insane Hamster
2015/10/26 17:19:43
Importing Audio files Codecs mate, it's always bloody codecs...
2015/10/26 11:33:00
01/10/2105 Release Feedback Wasn't there always going to be some kind of 'flat' render option? If not, I'm with ukBerty - we don't need all the layers all the time...

Another thing that would make the whole rendering processing a bit easier is to have a drop down box (on the Make Video window, next to Layers maybe) to select which camera to use, rather than having to go back to Prepare Camera Cuts. I think we need this since we have so many cameras to work with (potentially).
edited by ziggy72 on 26/10/2015
2015/10/26 11:29:58
Importing Audio files Making them into WAV files does increase the size, but unless you're really pushed for memory it's not going to effect anything too much. And at least they work
2015/10/25 21:50:47
01/10/2105 Release Feedback MP3's only import for the first 8 or so seconds, then cut off. WAV files aren't being recognised that previous versions recognised. Converting the WAV files to PCM 16bit Mono works, so maybe Muvizu doesn't like stereo any more.
2015/10/25 21:47:44
Importing Audio files Same problem here - can't see past a few seconds of the MP3 on the timeline, it just cuts off. Got round it by re-saving my WAV files (which Muvizu recognised in v1.3, but now says it's an unknown format) as PCM 16bit Mono. That works, at least
2015/10/21 19:22:28
The Gone Forever Tree Nicely done, but I'd do it faster paced make it shorter - 10 minutes tops. You don't really need the second time he goes for the stick either. Might sound odd, but it needs less, I would say. Also, you could put a rabbit shaped nose/cheek model on her and she'd look less human. Would the cat face mask work with the bunny ears? See, you got me thinking now...

PS Feel free to ignore me, I just assume if you post a vid on the forum it's because you want feedback.
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