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2014/8/29 15:18:57
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Big Grin - holding breath...now
2014/8/25 15:43:56
is it possible to animate the color skin Use a red face skin like ukBerty says, but then right click on the character and Prepare>Properties. Set the Track to Custom Texture and the Animation bit to Animate (that bit never makes any sense, I know, it's how the program evolved I guess). A box will appear with slots to put your texture into. Switch To Direct mode, and now you can change the Custom Texture shown on the character at whatever point you like (a new line will appear in the Timeline for Custom Texture, which you can change as normal). Hope that helps - we all seem to forget that particular ability, and how handy it is.
2014/8/21 14:22:20
ERRO AO INICIAR MUVIZU This might help : http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic3610-tech-help.aspx?p=f#post22031
2014/8/13 18:08:38
what are those twitter feeds I wouldn't have clicked that - the URL has 'dodgy as f*ck' written all over it Big Grin
2014/8/13 0:52:06
Youth Education Program Using Muvizu! Nicely put together, but you got the trees wrong on the second one - you have to import them with the Map Alpha to: set to Opacity Mask, so that you only see the leaves, not the big square bits as well.
2014/8/12 18:16:52
Muvizu in a TV show Impressed by your versatility, Oziabla, nice stuff.

Also, sorry if I'm going off topic a bit, but I also loved Underbelly. Great show, especially the first series.
2014/8/12 17:55:01
Upload without Youtube? Upload them as Unlisted - the only link to them would be where you put it. Most of my YT channel vids are unlisted, made to show other (select) people without being public.
2014/8/11 14:20:31
part of the costume of a character to be an object Yeah, all the assets in Muvizu are 'baked in' to the program, they're not seperate entities. I think someone already suggested having an attire section in Object creation, where you could have the character attachments as distinct (animatable) objects. One day we will mount an expedition to the Suggestion Mountain, and find those long lost post it notes...
2014/8/11 13:15:58
part of the costume of a character to be an object The objects (like hats, glasses, etc) that are part of the character's properties cannot be exported or seperated from the character. You would need to use Play+, import an appropriate hat (both as an attachment and a standalone object), and then you'll be able to do the actions.
2014/8/10 15:02:30
Finding the right computer for Muvizu I use a site called Passmark to help guide me through my hardware options, and checking the benchmark scores for the k4000 as opposed to other high end cards gives me this : http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Quadro+K4000&id=2272

Stick with the 660Ti is what that's telling me
2014/8/9 18:53:25
Finding the right computer for Muvizu Yeah, like Primaveranz says, it's still kinda low spec. Does it HAVE to be a laptop? You're painting yourself into a corner if you get one, because your upgrade path is practically nil. Gaming laptops are not cheap - typically 6 or $700 for a basic one. If your budget is less than that, go for a second hand laptop with a higher spec, or bite the bullet and get a proper desktop PC so that you give yourself some options. The machine you linked to is more of a netbook than a laptop anyway - you need power!!! The video card is EVERYTHING in this situation - in fact, I built my PC around the video card I knew I needed to get Muvizu to, erm, Muve

(It's an Nvidia 660Ti, btw)
2014/8/8 23:51:17
Finding the right computer for Muvizu Newer than Xp? That'll be Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Shader model 3? That means 'not on an old laptop'. Muvizu uses a game engine to run it, so you need a gaming capable machine to run it. Desktop machines are the way to go, or a gaming laptop (or any laptop made in the last couple of years should be capable, but slow). In the technical specs for the video card, you'll find the shader model listed. Hope that helps
2014/8/7 20:53:38
Coming Soon... Looks good Hamster - I like your mane, very effective.
2014/8/6 0:57:08
Animations for kids stories oziabla wrote:
My recommended mic is the Blue Yeti, it is inexpensive (US$100 ish), has a direct USB out, as it can be set to a unidirectional (cardioid) pattern. It will improve the quality of your sound enormously. There are a few other USB mics in this price range, but the Blue is easily the best. The Shure PG42 is a slightly better mic, but it is also more than double the price.

Seconded! On your recommendation I bought one (cos I was just looking at getting a new mic when I read your post), and it is so damn good. It makes you sound professional pretty much straight away, which is welcome to say the least Thanks for the tip Oziabla! Thumbs Up
2014/8/4 18:40:02
Rendering That is a strange problem - if they lip sync in one camera they should do it for all. The frame rate for Muvizu is always 25 fps (unless you change it in your codec settings, but since you're using TGA sequences that isn't relevant). Also, have you tried deleting camera 1 and recreating it? It would be interesting to see if that makes any difference. A lot of problems with Muvizu can be resolved by deleting the thing that's giving you trouble and redoing it. In this case its probably the audio track, which you would then re-import and put back to the same start point, or perhaps its the talk/shush points, or maybe the actions...? Tricky to know. Good luck
2014/8/2 23:24:14
Hello ! I introduce myself Hi PapyGrenouille - can we make that PapyG for short, you think?
2014/7/31 21:14:25
Rendering Not sure what you mean - does the whole image freeze, or is it just the character that stops?
2014/7/30 22:32:26
Rendering When outputting a movie using TGA sequence, you first Create a folder, (let's say it's called Closeup01 for example), and then name the movie as usual. When you hit Save, the TGA sequence will be created in that folder - when you want to create another movie, it causes nothing but problems to put the next TGA sequence in the same folder, so create another new one (Closeup02, for example) and use that instead. Trust me, each sequence needs it's own folder or you'll end up with TGAs everywhere.

It takes same amount of time to render TGAs as it does uncompressed AVIs. Also, it creates the audio as a separate WAV file for the sequence (and saves it in the folder along with the TGAs). Hope this helps
2014/7/30 18:47:37
the man who lived twice What, Fazz a mogul? Didn't see that coming Big Grin

Applause Applause Applause
2014/7/30 18:41:21
Rendering Ah, codecs, dontcha just hate them? Okay, so at 1280x720 uncompressed AVI output you have a maximum clip time of 1 minute (actually around 58 and a bit seconds, but let's not get all pedantic about it ). If you use anyting else other than uncompressed, then you will be able to create longer clips, but then you're relying on the decoder to create the movie file - this can cause problems in other ways (there's a million posts on this forum regards codecs and the various ways they don't work).

I would recommend you make your output TGA image sequence, rather than a movie *. This is what myself and quite a few others do - there's no codecs, no file size or time limits (other than the usual 20 minute limit within Muvizu itself), and the output is exactly the same quality as uncompressed. And it always works

* One caveat about TGA sequences - they do need a folder for each shot, to store all the hundreds/thousands of image files. And you need a video editor to put the sequence back into a video... but it's worth it.
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