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2014/5/17 21:05:27
It's Sunday If you ask for feedback, and mean it, you'll get it
I didn't respond the first time I seen this because I didn't make it past half way. It's practically just one shot, nothing happens. Personally, my reaction was indifference - it works for what it is, but no more. Having said all that, it is your first vid, so well done for completing it.

The thing that stood out for me was the shadows - I'm not sure which mode you're using them in, but the overlayed shadows on the ground are messy and distracting. You might have been better off just having the shadow of the building, and turn off Cast Shadows for the characters. Or use Custom Shadows, which lets you turn down the ambient light and let's you light the sets properly (if you set the lights to Cast Individual Shadows, rather then effecting the Ambient). That can get complicated to explain - it's best just to play around with them to find nice effects

Last comment (honest!) - you've got 4 cameras, so try to use them to create interest.

Hope this is useful feeback for you, and hope you understand I'm trying to be helpful, not critical.
2014/5/17 20:42:33
Advice needed on system requirements please? Yup, that'll run it.
2014/5/17 20:37:02
classic kirk fights number 2 Love it - do Kirk Vs Picard, pleeeease! Big Grin
2014/5/16 20:56:47
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP The models are good, the lighting's good, sound's good, the setups are okay, but the hands were all over the place (literally at some points - at 1.09 it looks like he's trying to take off). His index finger doesn't follow the line of his hand (which looks quite painful, actually), so I'm guessing that in whatever you're using (iclone?) hands are tricky?
2014/5/12 23:01:15
Soooooo tempted! Yes! Do it! Do it! Do it!
The Scottish independence debate also needs some 'perspective' from those who, y'know, actually live here
2014/5/11 21:52:11
Dalek Shiney! Like it, nice lighting too
2014/5/9 19:36:32
Just One Piece Competition Excellent walk! So fluid, so well paced, the whole vid was great! Thumbs Up
2014/5/9 19:26:47
Star Child from the Constellation Very smart presentation you put together there - amazing how much work goes into a film, especially when you see it laid out like that. As for the problem section, you pretty much did all you can do with workarounds and compromises. You've hit all the same limitations as the rest of us, really, so we feel your pain
2014/5/4 17:27:35
walking, not flying in the air... There's probably an object near the character, and their interacting with the edge of that. Turn off "Can Be Stood On" on any nearby objects and they should stay on the ground
2014/5/2 19:13:59
Importing Characters? Alternatively, if you don't need to keep the character forever, select him, Copy him, open up the other set, and then Paste him back in.

One thing to remember though - whichever method you use, any animations you may have recorded won't transfer along with the character from set to set.
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2014/4/29 18:57:26
lip syncing issue You could try Lightworks, which has just added mp4 support (or so I've read anyway) and the basic version is free (or it was the last time I checked, these things change so quick these days).
2014/4/22 19:53:05
Beware of "AntiGravity" toonarama wrote:
But the point remains the same. If someone hasn't produced anything decent themselves how can they tell someone else where they are going wrong? I know it is an impossible line to draw but there are a number of Muvizu users (including your good self) who I would be more than happy to receive constructive criticism from.
edited by toonarama on 22/04/2014

I think that's a (good but) different point to the main eh, point. Sovransoul is Antigravity (zero doubt, believe me, I checked). Sovransoul shouldn't have posted what he did, he is an idiot. Worse, he is petty enough to come back at people personally, rather than argue his point (like you all are doing) because he's an idiot. This isn't about the validity of critique, but that Sovransoul is an idiot. Everything he does confirms this, so just remember the sign at door to the internet - Don't Feed The Trolls.
2014/4/21 20:53:48
test Damn, the guy in your banner is having a really bad day, isn't he? Look forward to seeing what you come up with Toon!
2014/4/21 18:20:02
Sketchup to Muvizu Beautiful, just perfect to match what you described - I'm sure the client will be well chuffed
2014/4/21 18:13:55
Beware of "AntiGravity" It's Sovransoul again. He ditched his youtube account, created the new one called AntiGravity, put a dislike on all my vids, and sent me a threatening message through gmail (saying I'd better "be careful about what I say about people on the internet" which, considering what he posted on a forum seen by children, shows he has no sense of irony either).
2014/4/20 22:20:16
Star Child from the Constellation Nice work, very impressive for a first Muvizu film - I'm sure you'll do well in your degree
2014/4/18 20:09:18
Keep Getting shot down. Aw, I just got in from work, I missed all that! Big Grin Been years since we had self righteous moron on - although personally, I'd have kicked him off just for using text to speech. Seriously.
2014/4/17 20:34:34
Almost human Yes, yes, just yes! The meat hook 'hang' was my favourite cheat, superbly well done Fazz! Big Grin
2014/4/16 20:07:20
how to use file "fbx",. You can only import .fbx files into Muvizu Play+, which is the version you have to buy. The free version is restricted to .ase files.
2014/4/16 20:05:54
Time for Unreal engine 4 for Muvizu? Wow. Depressed now - too nice and so so shiny. Code you can see firing off, live, as it happens? Blew my mind.
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