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2013/7/25 23:29:18
[3dFoin] Characters, creatures with animations Actually, as spam goes, it's kinda pretty
2013/7/25 21:48:59
slow motion vdeo movement nepgalvan wrote:

heres the link. its a terrible result.

just add youtube.com/ in the first line.

The video is set to private, so we can't view it.
2013/7/21 12:39:03
Too small/ problem with collision mesh Ah yes, the old 'Muvizu don't like object, Muvizu cry' message. Having imported hundreds of objects, I can say, hand on heart, that I have absolutely no fecking idea why Muvizu likes some objects and not others. Getting the 'too many faces for collision' message usually means 'give up on this one now and get something less complicated'. Sometimes, if I really need the model, I'll break it down into smaller chunks and import it that way (but of course you then can't animate groups - arrg!!!)

In summary - dunno
2013/7/21 12:32:40
Creating and Timing Characters Reactions The 'idle' state of the character also sets their initial emotion (sad, angry, etc). You can animate those idle states the same way you do for actions. However, the amount of emotion depends on where you have the Expressive slider in the characters Edit properties. You can't animate the amount, only the type of emotion. You could edit together scenes with the Expressive slider set to different levels to make it look like the character is smiling on demand, but it's tricky to match up (especially since 'Don't Breathe' doesn't work at the moment). Also, every time you create a character, their facial expression will be slightly different anyway, so I usually just keep copying and pasting the character until they have the appropriate expression on their mugs, then 'swap in' the correct expression while editing. Hope that is of some help
2013/7/18 20:46:18
losing textures on Favorited objects Urban, there is actually a path to the texture in Sketchup ASE files. Doesn't mean it always works though
2013/7/18 19:56:27
Where to find more animals and an office setting? For an office, Wabby made a nice one which you can find here :


Animals are trickier. Stationary ones aren't too hard because you can just import them, but animated ones? Not yet. However, I did make a passable cat (based on the Boy character) you could try out :


Hope that helps
2013/7/16 19:33:34
using a joystick I used to use a Saitek Cyborg Command Unit to navigate around Muvizu, and just a couple of days ago upgraded to the Logitech G13 (which is bleedin' awesome btw) and in both cases I'm using the joystick to move around - however, I can't use the stick in native joystick mode, but rather in WSAD mode to get it to work with Muvizu (actually W and S are replaced by Up and Down arrows to make it move properly). So, if you can assign keys to the axis of your joystick (and most modern sticks will let you do this) then the answer is yes, you can use a joystick. You just have to mess around with it a bit
2013/7/14 16:09:30
Iron Man 3 Handzilla! Shock
2013/7/8 15:00:38
How can I do assets? and in which program? www.muvizu.com/download/muvizuaseexporte­r.rb

So that's where it hides - why isn't there a direct link somewhere on the site, considering how important it is if using Sketchup? Something to add to help the newbs, I would suggest.
2013/7/7 20:46:22
How can I do assets? and in which program? There are 2 ways I try to covert formats to something that can eventually get into .ase files :

1 Bring into Google Sketchup (which is free) from your programs, and export as .ase using the HSKP2UNR plugin (which is available somewhere out there, on the world wide webbyverse)


2 Use Biturn, a great little program that lets you convert most formats into each other - you can find it here


Hope that helps
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2013/7/5 20:35:54
Roll a bomb Someone posted a solution to this ages ago - it involved using a texture on the ball object - you set the texture to rotate, so the ball looks as if its turning. Then you animate it moving, and it (should) look like it's rolling along. Hope that helps.
2013/6/30 15:18:39
Just to say "Hi!" :) Hi, and that's a nicely lit little vid
2013/6/30 15:16:36
Graphics Card Reccomendations Sorry, no. You'll have to upgrade to a better PC. Damn Computer.. Treat yourself - it's worth it
2013/6/30 0:22:58
Cant make mpeg 4 to save my life Urban is right, install the appropriate k-lite pack and you should be okay, but be aware of which version of Muvizu you've installed - if it's the 32bit version you don't need the 64bit codecs, but if it is the 64bit version of Muvizu that you have then you need to install both codec packs to ensure it will work.
2013/6/25 0:24:34
Make character bigger?? What do you mean by the 'create' screen? Do you mean the working environment, or the camera view?
2013/6/24 23:31:10
Error loading scene unknown format Help? Good stuff - I also find you have to be careful tracking which versions you're using. I have 23b, Play, and the beta installed, and have to be diligent in keeping any sets restricted to their 'core' version to avoid just this sort of thing. And keep lots of backups
2013/6/24 18:59:51
Error loading scene unknown format Help? If you save your file from Play, it will never work in 23b again because Muvizu is not forward compatible - 23b can't read sets from Play. Ever. I hope you have backups.
2013/6/24 2:38:36
Coming Soon... Nice shirt! (Is it sad that I'm impressed by that?)
2013/6/23 18:03:13
MUVIZU NOT GETTIN INSTALLED :( In the meantime, check this page

No point in trying if your machine isn't up to it
2013/6/15 21:08:36
Trying to download a classroom scene As Urban says, if it's a set file you load it, objects get imported. Also, you must be using Muvizu Play to load the classroom set - it's not compatible with the older (23b) version.
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