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2013/6/3 0:31:28
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks for the warning Dylly, or I would have installed Make and probably had to go through the same thing as yourself. Won't be doing that any time soon - I rely on Sketchup a lot. Free isn't as Free as it used to be...
2013/6/2 16:13:14
Crashed randomly and lost 1-2 hours work Ctrl S - it's the most important keyboard shortcut there is. Use it often. If you don't save your work, you can't complain to Muvizu that the program is to blame - it's only a mod for Unreal Tournament after all, not an operating system
2013/6/2 16:08:28
moving a group of letter Just to clarify, you can't move groups of ANYTHING in Muvizu as the program doesn't support it yet. It will, eventually
2013/6/2 16:07:31
My Last 3 have still not appeared on Gallery ! Muvizu clips have to be moderated before they show up on the Gallery - wait tlll Monday afternoon and it'll appear. And yes, the quality on YouTube is awful, but that's just YouTube for ya. That's why we've asked for Vimeo and other hosters to be used, so we can show our movies as they are meant to be seen!
2013/5/30 21:02:50
How to make objects stop wobbling Recreate it, but before you move it anywhere, right click and Edit the properties. Turn off 'Stay Upright' - now you can move it about with the left mouse button, and you just have to remember that the right mouse button will now rotate it. It's the Stay Upright bit that seems to interfere with the inbuilt Muvizu physics, so whenever you get the Muvizu Wobble, turn off Stay Upright. Works for me
2013/5/28 22:05:37
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Another further different issue. The Sinister character wont stop breathing - when set to 'not breathe', he stops when the Timeline is active, but then resumes breathing when you Make Video. Tried the other characters - only seems to affect the new Hero ones. Also only just remembered that Sinister has NO actions that can be performed sitting, and in the vid I'm making he sits the whole time. Please tell me you're going to do something about the sitting/standing situation for character actions, it's really making it hard to put these animations together when everyone has to stand all the time for it to work.
2013/5/28 18:53:12
Harlem shake ghost house edition What He SaidThumbs Up
2013/5/26 22:17:32
Coming Soon... Looks like Dreeko is having a busy week...

2013/5/26 21:29:47
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Another issue (or maybe the same one reported again, I dunno, I'm not trawling through every Play related post to find out). When animating cameras, for some reason they pick up 'roll' - literally, they accumulate it if you keep replaying the same camera movement, the Roll slider increases and causes the camera to 'shudder', giving it a choppy look. Resetting the Roll slider to 0 doesn't fix it, it just keeps on changing every time you run the camera movement (sometimes jumping up to 360 degrees, and then back to 359 for some reason). This is not good.

After more testing, found that it didn't effect a different camera - but this time I was animating linear movement, as opposed to rotational movement. I'll try to narrow it down a bit
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2013/5/26 13:26:08
Coming Soon... Oh, very slick looking - nice and dark too...
2013/5/26 13:16:22
Arabian clothes Hi - the characters cannot be added to (other than the props in their own properties window). They also can't be combined, or parts taken from one and put on another. What you got is what you got, essentially Hope that helps.
2013/5/24 23:13:12
How to make a character holdong an exported object We all would Dwarf, we all would...

However, you can fake a character holding an object, like a gun, by turning off the 'Breathe' property of a character and placing the object in their (now unmoving) hands. I did this in my test movie, Radio Rental

The character only stops moving when you are in Record mode, otherwise they 'breathe' as normal, but the point is you can have them appear to hold things without them moving about and ruining the effect. Hope that helps.
2013/5/24 20:15:47
Best FreeScreenshot software Me too - PrtScn then Photoshop.
2013/5/24 0:34:21
Random requests! Limited Snapping! And by that I mean having the option to allow Snapping to not affects cameras or lights - Snapping helps you align the objects in a set, but it's worse than useless when you start to move the cameras and lights around. Have to keep enabling/disabling it all the time.
2013/5/22 21:12:12
Where are the easter egg codes? The codes show up sometimes on backdrops (and maybe other bits, I don't know) but unless your particularly looking for them, it's easy to miss them. All they do is unlock a little video to watch, so it's really not worth stressing about. Hope that helps.
2013/5/17 14:55:27
Sketchup to MUVIZU Have you watched the tutorial here? http://www.muvizu.com/Video/17248/Tutorial-06-Building-sets-Importing-3D-models

At which point are you having trouble?
2013/5/13 16:00:03
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall Dwarf, one thing you haven't told us - what length is the AVI file? What dimensions, file size, etc?
2013/5/13 15:52:46
The Configure button when making a video Not all codecs actually have options, but we always have the Configure button there because that's built into Muvizu. Hope that makes sense
2013/5/12 19:41:16
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall Exactly Dreeko - each PC seems to like/dislike codecs according to the position of the planets or something...
2013/5/12 19:01:37
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall Managing codecs is like trying to push jelly uphill. Or eating soup with a fork. It's a fight, Dwarf, always is
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