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2012/12/31 0:36:07
Coming Soon... Happy New Year from Lake Sammamish...

2012/12/30 15:40:56
Sketchup to Muvizu That looks like the kind of thing they use on Time Team reconstructions - professionaly done, brilliant stuff. And we've already got sorcery, so if we had swords...
2012/12/19 21:00:51
New for 2013 Dylly wrote:
A touch of the Phoenix nights on acid...

I think it's more "Little Britain on peyote" Cool Smoke
2012/12/18 21:52:27
connection muvizu with kinect Yeah, this has been mentioned before on another thread (last year?) and it was a good idea then, and it's a good idea now
2012/12/17 20:26:17
Muvizu Performance I'll give reinstalling a go mate, but I ain't holding my breath
2012/12/16 23:21:37
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
another insanely overbuilt set

There's no such thing
I just downloaded your church, and it's awesome - so well done, such details, especially the stained glass windows, really amazing work.

And Fazz68, your sets are looking well smart - I like the telephone box on the street especially.
2012/12/16 21:48:56
Muvizu Performance My Sammamish main set is now 166 mb, and it takes about 7 or 8 minutes to load each time. It has umpteen numbers of imported objects, dozens of animated characters, and the set takes up the entire skydome. I kind of expect it to take a long time to load, but what I wasn't expecting was Muvizu to not respond to mouse inputs when animating - not sure if it's the polling rate on the USB for the mouse, or the processor core being maxed out and unable to update the inputs fast enough, but I'm really struggling to create the smooth animations I can on simpler sets. The preset animations are fine, just the head/eye movements it seems. Any thoughts?
2012/12/13 22:15:30
New for 2013 I'm scared - what's going on with the guy on the left?! Freaky, but looking forward to whatever the hell your brain is cooking up for the world this time
2012/12/12 23:41:06
OTHER VERSION??? Pretty sure this was asked before, and pretty sure the answer is still the same - no, sorry, Shader model 3 isn't optional, it's required by the Unreal engine, regardless of Muvizu version. Still, if you're not using a laptop, video cards are cheap these days...
2012/12/12 18:58:20
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) CrazyDave wrote:
I got this sorted, will be in the next release. It was a code issue with depth of field and transparency.

Can't remember seeing this in the current version - is it video card related, or something to do with the lighting? Just curious
2012/12/10 19:42:06
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) @ fman00 - you know, I was wondering, but I thought I wouldn't say anything to be polite...
2012/12/10 19:40:21
Suddenly People who watch my videos has fallen ? chuckles wrote:
I've no idea what stv is! What Network ?

If it's in the UK, STV is just Scottish TeleVision. Why they would do this is beyond me, and everyone else I'm sure.
2012/12/9 20:01:24
Random requests! HD Skies! By that, I mean allowing a higher resolution for the sky dome picture. At the moment, the sky squashes, smears, and distorts the image like so :

Doesn't kill it, but it hardly enhances the scene, dontcha think?
2012/12/9 18:19:42
Boats in Muvizu Hi Craig - to save you time :

Craig1998 wrote:
I want the boat to move across the screen but I also want anyone on deck to go with it. It will tilt vertical, maybe split if possible and then sink out of view with people still on it

Nope, can't do that in Muvizu. Just not doable, unless you're a whiz with post production editing and manuipulation. Characters can move by walking/running or using their pre-set animations, but you can't move them along where you want (except directly up/down by standing on a moving object, but only up/down).

And the textures in Sketchup? The exporter doesn't export the textures, just a reference to what they are. You have to export the textures seperately, and put them in the same folder as the .ase file. Dylly found a great little tool for this here :


Muvizu doesn't always scale the textures properly even after all that, but at least you can try
Hope that helps.
2012/12/7 16:47:20
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Beefy's Biker look is great - if only he had a Biker animation or two to actually use it to full effect...
2012/12/7 15:00:56
Coming Soon... Took me a second to get the joke - LOL!

Hadn't thought of using the animated gif method, but I'll give anything a go (except fat birds from Seattle Big Grin ). Not sure if it's all that important to have animals in there, considering there's going to be so many people wandering about, but then again... This film making lark can be tricky to keep under control sometimes (this set alone is currently 113mb and rising fast! )
2012/12/7 12:31:02
Coming Soon... urbanlamb wrote:
mmMMmmm 3D vegetation *runs to go make a bird* Big Grin

Funny you should say that, as I was just looking at maybe putting some wildlife in there, but it's tricky to know how good they'll look when they can't really move... Also, what kind of birds do you get in Washington State? Back to the research!
2012/12/6 22:52:41
Coming Soon... Sammamish again. Thankyou Muvizu HQ for fixing the transparency - it's (get ready for this) tree-mendous. Stop groaning, and kindly address all insults to the big guy on the right

2012/12/6 20:36:09
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) For Fazz68 and anyone else who doesn't have telescopes for eyes (really Microsoft, what are you thinking?!) you'll have to adjust the font sizes for the system yourself - here's a quick 'how to' :

In your Display settings (or Personalised settings for Win7) you need to go to Windows Colour and then, in the Item drop down box, select Icon. Change the font size here and you change them for the desktop icons as you'd expect, but this also changes the size of the fonts in Windows Explorer across the system.

The other important one is Menu, which dictates the size of the fonts on the Start Menu and the Menu bars. Finally, Message Box's font size should be increased too.

For readability, I like Verdana as my default font (size 17 works well).

Hope this helps - these HD screens are great and all, but they don't half scale stuff down, and the interfaces of programs don't usually let you scale much back up.
2012/12/5 21:27:09
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) Thanks D, some pretty nice screen shots Coming Soon... love dem trees
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