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2012/7/5 19:55:05
Help with VideoPad or Upload Issue - I think? I had this problem once before, ages ago, with Premiere. It was a codec issue is all I remember - no surprise really, since anything video related in Muvizu is ALWAYS a bleedin' codec issue! Just kidding, it's not that bad <insincere smile>

Anyway, I believe the root of your problem lies with whatever codec you're using to output from VideoPad. I think my problem was with either Divx or Xvid, and I got round it by using an uncompressed codec and then converting it to something smaller with Any Video Convertor. Then I got Vegas, and I've never touched Premiere since.

Practical solution right now? Create a movie from your stills in windows Movie Maker or something, and import that into Videopad. Removes the need to mess around with codecs anyway. Hope that helps.
2012/7/4 19:09:09
Software for voice What a brilliant little utility! The 'whisper' option is surprisingly effective - top find, Corvetti! Thumbs Up
2012/6/30 20:57:40
Sony Vegas Bargain!!! I use the the 720 HD setting in Muvizu (IYUV codec for quality) and then output from Vegas in the Main Concept MPEG HDV 720 with the highest quality settings. After storing that copy away in my backup folder, I then use Any Video Converter to convert it down to something I can actually post online! All of this is extremely taxing on my PC of course, but that's it's job goddammit!!

Oh, I should point out that my version is Vegas Pro 11, but it's much the same structure as the Studio edition from what I've seen.
2012/6/30 20:49:28
New show GAME in GAME out I would advise you all to watch this. Tell your friends. And your parents. And people you haven't spoken to in years. And random people in the street. It's just brilliant. Do it, unless you wanna end up like that guy, or that guy...
2012/6/30 20:28:22
Sony Vegas Bargain!!! Love Vegas I do - if you're only using Windows Movie Maker or some such, and want to do more, this is great news. It's a damn powerful program.
2012/6/29 19:57:05
Movie poster ideas Big Text On Faces - Applause Brilliant, so so cheesy, although I didn't realise there was that many 'through the legs' ones. Cliched indeed! Good post D
2012/6/29 19:51:28
How do you use those Biker Poses?...also more help One word for you EEF - trickery. I would build the set around the standing character, making sure to rotate everything 90 degrees so that it looks like he's lying down (you can't rotate the character, but you can rotate all the objects). Use your animations, then rotate the whole picture 90 degrees the other way to achieve the effect. You can rotate the whole image by setting up a camera, creating a backdrop showing that camera's output, rotate the backdrop, then film that with another different camera - hope that makes sense
2012/6/25 19:16:59
equip objects Ah, the eternal question once again. The answer is NO, you can't. Yet. They are working on it, but don't hold your breath There are ways around it though, through editing and trickery, but for the foreseeable future you'll have to find other ways to tell your stories.
2012/6/24 19:01:32
Camera movement ...and on the subject of the camera moving about when we don't want it to - although we've finally got rid of the swoopy camera every time we edit a character, can we also get rid of the 'help' when moving large objects? I'm trying to line up two ground planes, and Muvizu insists on swooping round to face something else to 'help' me line them up!! Leave the bloody view alone, please, and let me worry about what I'm looking at. Seriously, really really annoying this one, hate it.
2012/6/24 2:00:52
Coming Soon... Another You've Been Dumped test shot I thought you lot might enjoy

Ground control to Major Tom...
2012/6/24 0:58:57
YouTube are OK why isnt Muvizu-2 days If you posted the vid through Muvizu, it'll show up on Monday - Muvizu staff are allergic to working at weekends, you know!
2012/6/23 23:29:01
Focus Lost Bizarre and sudden problem - only started now, with 0.20b - the Make Video preview & movie is out of focus, regardless of whatever focus settings are on the camera. Even turning the depth of field setting off completely makes no difference. It affects all cameras, and can only be resolved by quitting Muvizu and reloading. It seems to be happening randomly, without any sort of consistency or predictability, but once it starts there's no way around it (deleting and recreating the cameras has no effect either).

DX9, 64bit, shoe size 10, etc.
2012/6/21 21:05:07
Sketch Up to Muvizu revisited Yeah, the ZMB stuff has to be pasted after everything else, on the first blank line, so that it doesn't interfere with anything else in the .ase file. How did you get on with the textures?
2012/6/21 2:00:26
Sketch Up to Muvizu revisited Hey Gordon - my collision box needs to be added to your .ase file as per the readme included in the download. To save time, here's the relevant part:

1) Open up the ZMB ASE file in a text editor.
2) Select and Copy everything.
3) Open up your ASE file in a text editor.
4) Go to the very end of the file. After the last entry, paste in the contents of the ZMB file.
5) Save your ASE file

And that's it. Your sax will have a tiny collision area, to (hopefully) make it easier to work with within Muvizu.
2012/6/20 19:33:19
Sketch Up to Muvizu revisited I'd also add that this bit :
Error message:
file not found

...seems to suggest you've still got some issues with the .ase file's locations - all the textures should be in the UT3 folder, nowhere else (for the purposes of making this simple...or at least a bit simpler!) so there is no need for a Textures subfolder in the UT3 one.

Also, you said this :

I clicked on the Window tab and dropped to Materials and selected the wood_board_cork picture, then right clicked to it, i.e. added it to the model ... is that correct?

I don't get what you mean by Added it to the model - I thought it was already in the model? Or do you mean you added it to the UT3 folder? If you've added it to the UT3 folder, then this bit :

I would suppose the .ase file needed to be edited from:
BITMAP "C:\ut3\toto.bmp"

...would be the correct thing to do to get it to work. Keep at it, you're almost there
2012/6/19 1:36:35
Sketch Up to Muvizu revisited Hi Gordon, you're not alone in being a bit lost with all this importing and exporting and stuff. We've all been there

Anyway, the UT3 folder has to be in the root of the C: drive, so C:\UT3 is the way to go. Put the Toto.bmp in there, and that's your default texture for all imported objects (the HSKP2UNR plugin assumes it is too, y'see). You could put the .ase file in there too, just for simplicity's sake.

Now, as for your missing texture - assuming you have the cork image in question, put that into the C:\UT3 folder. Then edit the .ase file (with notepad) and change the BITMAP reference near the start to be C:\UT3\Wood_Board_Cork.jpg

You could, of course, change the Bitmap line to whatever path you like, but I find it's best to keep it uniform for all models so you don't lose where you are. If you don't have the cork image, then you'll have to export it from the original model in Sketchup. Just locate it in the Materials window (if you click on the little house icon it will show only the textures in your model) and right click on it, and select Export Texture Image to save it into the UT3 folder.

It's all a bit clunky, but the point is that the .ase file has to have a reference to any files it needs - Muvizu then uses those references to get to the textures too. Hope you can follow my meanderings, and you get it all sorted
2012/6/18 21:22:27
Coming Soon... @ Jamie - Yup, same set, another angle.

@ Dylly - Never thought of doing a tutorial on the textures - I just thought everyone already knew how to do it! I will throw something together in a little while, after....

@ Dreeko - ...the 4th of July is when the You've Been Dumped video has to be finished, and then I switch to my serial killer vid for the remainder of the year. It's going to be my first serious project, as the other one I was going to do turned out to not be feasible (with Muvizu as it is now - the trouble I had with just 130 characters convinced me that animating a street full of cheering people while a funeral procession passes (drawn by horses) just wasn't going to happen! And that's just one scene out of half an hour...). So, it's on with "I Lived I Killed I Died" - and here's a little (censored!) preview of one of my character development shots... Whaaaaa?

Actually, the movie got renamed to just "Sammamish", so I thought I'd go back and update this entry to clarify. Lake Sammamish is famous for only one thing, unfortunately...
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2012/6/18 0:10:08
Coming Soon... Another little test shot from the new You've Been Dumped vid - don't ask

2012/6/17 15:50:07
Supernova Sydney 2012 coverage Good stuff, although I did get the feeling that the guy at the end in the Thundercats get up was maybe thinking 'does anyone still get this reference anymore?!'
2012/6/14 19:21:40
Random requests! Jamie wrote:
I'm Interesting idea Dreeko - Ziggy are you sure there's enough space to add more buttons on the timeline?

Absolutely. They could be the same size as the bin icon (for deleting the track data), along the line of each track - one for direct, one for prepare if appropriate. There's tons of grey to play with, y'know!
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