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2012/6/1 22:54:14
Random requests! Eye Glow Default! By that I mean having a universal eye glow option so that all characters you create in a set would have the same value when they are created, rather than having to change the standard (way too high) default all the time.

And while I'm here...

Camera Selector On The Make Video Interface! And by that I mean the drop down box to select a camera (the one you get by right-clicking on the Camera timeline) being integrated into the Make Video interface. This way I could render out my shot, select the next camera, and continue on without having to go back to the timeline (slow) and then open up the Make Video screen again (tedious) each time. I usually do one after the other until I've done all 4. Can't be just me, surely?
2012/6/1 21:30:38
Funny Vid! I think this is the most violent thing I've ever seen - awestruck. Big Grin
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2012/5/30 14:28:03
AAGH! DRIVING me Crazy... One other thought occurs to me - the way the movement works has changed a bit in Muvizu lately. The position you are in (relative to the object) effects the direction of the object as well. Which can be handy, or useless depending on where you are. If you're locked behind an object, you should be able to just go straight using the arrow keys (or ASDW, depending on where you want to go). To be honest, the object movement is a bit hard to get on top of. Send me your set file if you like and I'll see if I can work out what your issue is.
2012/5/29 20:55:14
Introductions! Howdy. Are we there yet?

2012/5/29 20:47:51
AAGH! DRIVING me Crazy... You can only use the keys to animate objects (and the mouse is for characters). To get it to move in a straight line you would use the Up arrow key (there is a list of the keys for movement in the Help)

As for the POV switch on record - in the Direct Object Movement options there is one called Director Start Location. If it's set to Locked to Object Axis then change it to Adjustable and that will stop the switching POV. If it's set to Adjustable already, then sorry I'm out of ideas

Hope that helps.
2012/5/29 20:26:24
Sub Wars! Excellent, but be sure to watch all the way to the end...
2012/5/28 21:18:47
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) What He Said

The thing I really miss from the old timeline was the ability to drag it left and right to find the bits you needed quickly. Now you have to click on it and drag the play marker which is so sluggish and imprecise it's like trying to push a snail up a flight of stairs. Made of jelly.
2012/5/28 1:06:40
Make Video Button is greyed out? Hi bhardin - this (surprisingly common) problem is usually because you haven't specified a movie length on the timeline yet. On the bottom Master track,look for a white triangle shaped object that calls itself the End Marker. Drag it right to define how long you want the movie to last (and how much Video to generate). Hope that helps.

(had to edit that - I wrote left first time! D'oh!!)
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2012/5/25 15:42:34
Funny Vid! Deceptively simple - brilliant. Good Posting
2012/5/22 20:10:05
camera right click Another camera feature I'd like to have - the ability to copy/paste a camera 'In Place', as Sketchup would call it. I mean being able to have the camera 'remember' it's coordinates in one set, and being able to paste the camera in the same position/angle in another set. Or, if that's not do-able, an additional properties box that would allow us to look up the absolute coordinates of the camera in relation to the world so that we can replicate that ourselves in a different set (however tedious that may be!).

The reason I ask is that I need to be able to mask in various shots (of an audience too big to allow me to animate without the timeline taking 6 or 7 seconds to respond to EVERY command) and the only way to do it is to remove the audience completely, and put them back in later. The 1 minute/2gb limit on using a decent codec (IYUV) means I have to do it in little chunks, in different sets, and it's driving me mad. Mad, I tells ya.
2012/5/22 18:45:08
Tutorials on Sony Vegas Those are good vids, very straight forward advice for using Sunny Vegas (!!). The 'Mask Only' bit on Chroma Keying actually makes sense now, thanks for pointing us there Thumbs Up
2012/5/22 13:57:25
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Something I've noticed about the 'disappearing' trick - it only happens when movement is involved. Everyone's posts on it always mention movement, and I've only had it happen to me when movement has been assigned to a character. It's almost like the characters are teleporting to the wrong place (but at the right time). Just a fot.
2012/5/21 14:21:34
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Jamie wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
My machine has completely ground to a halt while trying to direct the audio for my set with the 130+ characters in it - understandable you'd think, but Muvizu is only using 1 of my 4 cores... Need I say more?

So you've got a kick ass machine Ziggy - fancy sending me the set so I can run some performance / comparison tests? Big Grin

On it's way - brace yerself
2012/5/18 21:45:49
The scarf i agree
2012/5/18 20:23:58
Hidden Talent? If only we could hold a brush like that...
2012/5/18 19:49:46
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) My machine has completely ground to a halt while trying to direct the audio for my set with the 130+ characters in it - understandable you'd think, but Muvizu is only using 1 of my 4 cores... Need I say more?
2012/5/16 19:12:25
Coming Soon... Jamie, if there's one thing I've learned about Muvizu, it's this - Keep It Muvizu! As soon as you try to do stuff externally, even in brilliant programs like Vegas, things start to look wrong. The more you can do internally, the less hassle you'll have later. My audience is unwieldy yes, but they're done - no post production needed, and if I change anything it's no big problem since they're all there, ready to be manipulated as per whatever requirements I (or Thea) might have. Anyway, what's the point of having a kick-ass PC if you don't kick it's ass every now and then?
2012/5/15 19:32:05
How do I make a movie clapper board When you say make a clapper board, do you mean an animated prop in a Muvizu scene, or just the image of a clapper board? I found a good clapper board in Sketchup's Google Warehouse, but you'd have to break it up to be able to animate it. An image would be easier, because you could just have two images (one of the board open, the other closed) and then animate the image to flip between them. Something like that do?
2012/5/15 19:17:09
Coming Soon... Jamie wrote:
Sounds awesome and the scene there looks fantastic Ziggy, but I have to admit you are a braver man than me. 130 characters?!? Would it be easier to do it row by row and build up the scene post-production with green screen?

Are the serial killers and being dumped connected?
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@ Jamie - Row by row overlays would have been the cheaty way to do it, but how could I then move the camera among/through the crowd? Nope, just had to bite the bullet and create the lot. And maybe there is a link between serial killers and being dumped... be careful how you dump people!

@ Dreeko - My machine has been pretty much maxed out by this scene. There is another 3 rows of seats behind the back wall which I had to abandon due to performance issues. It's actually alright if the lights aren't on, or you're not trying to animate anything...

@ Woztoons - I would suggest Susan Boyle. Or Frankie Boyle, take yer pick
2012/5/15 19:10:24
camera right click Good one Dreeko - behaviour more like when you animate the camera would be very helpful.
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