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2012/4/10 19:37:05
3D Modelling Packages (For Object Import) I would suggest to all you 3D importers out there to visit Daz3d.com and download Daz 4 (human/object poser) and Bryce 7 (landscape generator) as they are both free at the moment. You'll have to export the stuff you generate, then convert it, etc, but the point is that these are two very good bits of kit and they're FREE! Big downloads though, so if you're still on dial-up speed then look elsewhere
2012/4/8 23:50:46
Costumes Took me a few days, but it finally struck me - someone already uploaded a whole bunch of superhero costumes for Muvizu. One quick search later, and voila -


Have fun!
2012/4/6 19:39:34
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly, that Pro Builder tool is bloody excellent - thankyou! Thumbs Up
2012/4/1 16:03:43
Camera movement Also, did you know you can have the camera move just by using your mouse wheel to control the speed? Try it out - you can 'steer' the camera with the keys while it moves along. Handy feature - never found a use for it yet, but you never know...
2012/3/23 18:31:34
ase da blender Google Sketchup is generally the easiest way to create 3D objects that you can (with a small ASE plugin) import into Muvizu. Check this for some instructions :


And also


Hope that helps.
2012/3/22 23:24:57
Favourite ever cartoon? @ Woztoons - The Inventor? Never heard of it... That is a brilliant video! Love the music too.

@ Quorthon - I remember Battle of The Planets (who doesn't?), although Marine Boy is a bit before my time... I didn't think I remembered Space Sentinels until I played it - OMG!! I had a mad flashback to being 10 and watching this crap! Really, it was appalling - the sound effects alone... ROFLMAO Thanks for that!
2012/3/19 15:04:49
Collision Schmollision Good one Jamie, forgot you could do that What He Said
2012/3/18 15:44:18
Collision Schmollision Danimal, are you referring to my Match Box collision model? If so, you have to remember that the collision box is placed on the origin point in Sketchup - if your ASE files weren't created by you, then you can't guarantee that the original author placed the model on the origin. If you have the SKP files, you can go into Sketchup and move them down onto the origin (as I always do with other people's models). Hope that helps.
2012/3/15 22:58:48
Help finding character action It's not really an action - set your character to Scared as his initial state, then make him run - he puts his arms out as he runs. Don't recall there being an actual animation like that which you can use when stationary. Hope that helps.
2012/3/15 19:11:30
Manca load audio in prepare dialog What? I'm useful? Hooray! I'm off for a scuttle...
2012/3/14 17:54:58
Sketchup to Muvizu Okay, after a bit of an issue with locations of bitmaps and the like, my original models were taken down until I fixed them. I fixed them.

Also, I uploaded the (now officially called) ZMB model to make it easier to find on the site. Collision? I laugh in the face of collision! Green Tongue
2012/3/13 21:29:32
Measuring Stick - Let me explain... 16 units per foot? But I wanted it in cubits
2012/3/12 21:18:01
how do i create a character with good clothes Hi Jihane, welcome to the learning curve

Muvizu characters don't really have clothes, as such, just stick on things like pockets. To create the effect of clothes you have to paint the characters' skin - see this tutorial for a full explanation :


I have created a suit using this method, and other users have created all kinds of weird and wonderful looks. Hope that helps.
2012/3/12 21:09:31
Ambient Occlusion Maps Mmm...the dark...
2012/3/11 18:28:23
Sketchup to Muvizu My latest practise items - some kitchen utensils. Should be up on the Assets page tomorrow (11th).

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2012/3/11 17:11:05
Codecs blackboxbd wrote:
edited by blackboxbd on 09/03/2012

Um, I may be stating the obvious here, but I thought Muvizu was only capable of exporting movies in 720 HD, not 1080. Also, there has never been an option for uncompressed video either (unless you count the intel YUV codec, which is what I use, and is more or less uncompressed). I am also using the 64 bit version with K-lite codecs, and I only get 4 options for output as well. Hope this clears that up.
2012/3/10 19:30:30
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks for the reply Dylly - I had a feeling it was going to be a pain to do, but I just wanted to check. My fallback plan was just to use a small transparent image with the food on it, as the pan has the (now patented) ZMB collision technology I'll just do that instead, as I've got enough to do with learning Sketchup without involving GMax, UV maps, and the like.
2012/3/10 2:00:30
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly, I have a question for you and I think it's best asked here (to help everyone else too).

I have this frying pan I made in Sketchup - I would like to have a graphic in the middle of it (say bacon & eggs) but when I put a picture in there it comes out like this ;

This is using the Muvizu wanted poster as the picture. Very nice design it creates, but not what I want. I tried adjusting the UV parameters in Sketchup but it didn't help. I know I'm missing something here but I don't know what. Can you help?

Thanks in advance!
2012/3/10 1:50:17
Mirrorwall & mirror FX gimmick wrote:
Thanks for your answer. Your system is very good, but I suppose that the camera doesn't reverse left and right like a mirror

Right click on the camera to edit it's properties. Change it's Base Effect to Horizontal Flip and you have your mirror effect.

gimmick wrote:
Does someone could confirm that the "reflection strength" parameter in mirrorwall object is just a brightness FX?

The reflection strength is just a brightness effect, not an actual control of reflectivity. There are no reflections in Muvizu (yet).

Hope that helps.
2012/3/9 20:12:58
Measuring Stick - Let me explain... I second that - I'm trying to make kitchen utensils right now, and they're quite small (in Muvizu terms) and getting an idea of the scale to make them at in Sketchup is a bit hit-and-miss.
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