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2011/12/19 21:57:41
Has he been yet ? Soooo... no update then? I mean, it's not like I've marked today in my calendar and have been counting down the days or anything...<cough> Anytime's fine, really...
2011/12/18 20:10:55
The Garage Band Blues Episode #3 "Paranoid"... Hey, I got first post on YouTube and here! Once again, top work Mysto, subtle too.
2011/12/18 19:55:24
Resources stun48 wrote:
Is any difference in quality between 32-bit muvizu and muvizu 64 bits? the final quality of the film is equal?

Nope. The 64 bit version's advantage is that it allows you to access memory above the usual 4gb limit, but that's about it - it's the codecs you use that define the final quality. Having said that, there are very few 64 bit codecs available in Muvizu, compared to the 32 bit version... Anyway, unless you use a LOT of imported objects (like myself ) then you'll probably never need the 64 bit version.
2011/12/16 0:19:53
Sketchup to Muvizu stun48 wrote:
Thanks ziggy72 for your response ...i open the link but, nothig... just this: "El blog se ha eliminado. Lo sentimos, el blog de hardpcmtechnologies.blogspot.com se ha eliminado. Esta dirección no está disponible para blogs nuevos"....after 3 hours nothing...dammit!

Sorry Stun, I had checked that the link was still there but I didn't actually click on it to download. My bad

Good to see Dylly sorted you out. Look forward to seeing your work.
2011/12/15 20:07:49
Sketchup to Muvizu Hi Stun48.

The name of the Sketchup plugin you need is HSKP2UNR - it's here :


Hope that helps.
2011/12/9 19:15:03
Create your own songs/soundtrack Nice tune Dreeko, and thanks once more Toon for finding another great program!
2011/12/7 20:08:17
Random requests! Hi pfontaine - you can preview your work by going to Make Video then playing back the timeline as usual. It's slower and more processor intensive, but at least you can get a feel for how it will all look in the end. (it's best to close the cameras window before attempting to play back the timeline in Make Video mode, and give yourself a few extra frames per second - if your PC's really struggling, then use Unlit mode too). Hope this helps.
2011/12/7 19:59:27
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Thanks guys, I know it's not dancing robots or sci-fi satire, but I think there's room for something approaching documentaries being made with Muvizu. I said it before and I'll say it again - ordinary is hard to do. It's worth it though - mundane stuff, like kitchen utensils, washing machines, etc give a strange ambience to a format when everything is usually bouncy/cartoony/happy/outlandish and unreal (no pun intended!). Took me ages to get everything looking un-special, if you see what I mean.

Also, the set wont be being put on the site for the moment, because I want to build the entire house as one set - every room, all mod cons, and surrounding views. When it's finished I'll post it, but I think you'll need the 64 bit version, a powerful machine and probably 8gb memory to load it. I don't do things by halfs

@ ukBerty Notice how I pretty much hid the baby's face throughout the entire vid? That's the only reason why mine is less scary looking! I also thought the bunny romper suit would help distract from the fact it's a little fat man playing the part of a baby girl. Oh the joys of film...
2011/12/4 16:00:32
Fail to make video using this set Also loaded up for myself no problem - it's such a simple set, I can't see what could be giving you an issue. Oh, hang on...

Yeah, timeline again. Nelson, you have to drag the diamond shaped marker at the zero point of the timeline across to the right to define how long your movie is going to be. It can't be 0.00, as it is now, so drag it up to 4 minutes, which is where your audio ends. Then you should be able to Make Video without any problem. Hope that helps.
2011/12/3 18:58:14
Sketchup to Muvizu I've noticed that the colour of a wall can change if you resize it - God knows what the Unreal engine is doing to the objects, but it's not that easy to replicate colours even on identical objects. Actually, it's not the colour but the shading that changes, making it look brighter or darker...and that's with Muvizu's own objects. This isn't an answer for you, just a note to let you know I feel your pain
2011/12/2 2:51:30
Random requests! Could we have a new backdrop size - Poster. Unless you make everything else bigger, it's difficult to have, say, a postcard - the smallest sized backdrop will only scale down so far. Having something you could scale down to the size of a stamp would be very useful.
2011/12/2 1:04:58
Muvizu remakes Beautifully observed, especially the Dara one - the lighting was spot on.
2011/11/30 22:04:19
Collision Questions As long as there's no collision with the Sketchup props, they can be 'defined' by floating ground planes with no textures, or abstract shapes with no texture. For steps, you could just make an invisible ramp out of the toblerone shape (can't remember what Muvizu calls it!) and line it up with your models. Having practically no collision box allows you to intersect the models too, which can hide a multitude of sins, as it were (Triangular Prism!!!)
2011/11/30 19:38:11
Collision Questions Can I just stick my oar in here (mind out of the way...) and suggest, Dylly, that you make a very very small collision box in Sketchup, and use that to create a UCX .ASE file, then just copy and paste it onto the end of all your downloaded/created models (ASE files). This will allow you to intersect your models with Muvizu objects, like invisible ground planes/shapes, and fake the collision instead. Or just use Object Floats for static stuff. I find it saves time in the long run, and works for most situations. (actually, to be honest, I just could never be bothered faffing about with Sketchup making collision shapes )
2011/11/25 23:40:21
Half speed recording. What He Said
2011/11/22 20:03:38
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Much as I like using the Dark lights, they do put black highlights on characters eyes, which looks ugly and wrong. Can we have the characters eyes not reflect them, please? Ta.
2011/11/21 19:28:25
Turn Turn Turn Turning by degrees - that would be my suggestion. Rather than a fixed 45/90/180 degree turn, have a variable turn determined by the number you'd set before the Movement animation. Or maybe have a circle of points, each one 5 degrees apart, to give you a bit more subtlety and realism when turning - you would click on the total amount you want to turn, like 25 degrees, rather than do 5 degrees at a time (unless that's what you wanted). I totally agree with Danimal on this one - no one moves like the characters move, except incontinent robots
2011/11/21 0:25:19
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) clamtom wrote:

If I understand what you are describing...

Nope, but thanks for the thought It's not a timeline extents problem, probably the empty audio track is being hidden (when the file is deleted) as it's supposed to, but then not reset when new audio is loaded, so it's there but just not accessible. It's fine as long as you don't reset or delete the audio track, and just load the new audio over the old one.
2011/11/20 21:02:46
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Another timeline issue to add to the heap Damn Computer..

In this case it's audio - I delete an audio (dialog) track, add a different one, and it doesn't show up on the timeline, or get played back (at least, I don't hear it anyway). It's there in the Prepare Dialog menu, where it plays fine, it just wont show up anywhere else, and the characters won't react to it. This is the third time it's happened to me since the update. Resetting all tracks wont fix it, deleting and recreating the character wont fix it either. Reloading the original audio has no effect too. Ideas?

(I'm using standard WAV files BTW, no different from what I've used all along)

Okay, just found one solution - reload the set, then import the new audio over the top of the old one - it seems you delete the whole dialog track for good if you delete the audio from it.
edited by ziggy72 on 20/11/2011
2011/11/16 21:47:14
(Stupid) Question Hi Ericksone. Unfortunately, Muvizu doesn't do the whole text-to-speech thing automatically, but you can use programs like Text To Speech Maker :

This is a trial version that only does the first 300 characters you type, but it's pretty good. Audacity is reckoned to be a good free audio editor, although I use Goldwave myself (not free!). There's a thread somewhere on the forum about good free programs, but I hope that helps a bit.
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