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2011/10/14 0:17:21
Video Card recommendations Hi ccliffy - I'd recommend, as a guide, this web site


It gives you a visual representation of hardware performance as an overall score, and will help place any particular video card in context, I think. Worked for me anyway
2011/10/2 16:52:11
Jagged Edges Problem Hi dude - what resolution are you outputting the movie as? I think the default (under Movie Options) is 480x360, which is a bit rubbish. Your machine should be able to handle the 1280x720 option, which is very smooth, so try that and see how it goes.
2011/10/2 16:47:41
Feet disappear You need to head over to the Tutorials page, Hints & Tips page 2, and follow the Collision tutorials to sort that one out. Good luck!
2011/10/2 14:51:04
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Danimal wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
In fact, after that, the timeline doesn't respond to anything.

I mentioned this one earlier, and it doesn't seem to be localized the head/eyes dialog. I've found that when this happens, if I go to the regular Timeline editor and push play, then stop, then go BACK to whatever I was tryng to record it works. I don't know why, It may have something to do with the timeline's new odd focus you mentioned.

Thanks Danimal, hadn't remembered your previous post among the <ahem> one or two reports back on the new version.
edited by ziggy72 on 02/10/2011
2011/10/2 13:36:37
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Actually, in relation to the eyes/head animation bug, it seems like it's actually a delay in Muvizu, not anything broken (as such). If you wait for 20 - 30 secs, it will come back usually - I've had a similar delay sometimes when I use the Create menu - there is a looong pause while Muvizu makes up it's mind about something or other, then the create window appears. Other times it appears instantly.

Also, while waiting for the dialogue boxes to respond, anything you click on or do is buffered, so Muvizu does know you're out there, it just has other things on it's mind... beer
2011/10/2 5:45:40
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Aaaaand yet another bug - any file I generate over 2gb in size is unreadable to Premiere, Vegas, or most media players. Says it's corrupt, although it isn't. Using the Intel YUV codec.
2011/10/2 3:19:12
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Zigphone again...

...oh c'mon, pick up...

...bloody answering machine, hate these...

Oh, hi, Zig again, listen, there's a strange bug now when using the animate eyes/head dialogue - all's fine until you hit record and then nothing happens. In fact, after that, the timeline doesn't respond to anything. You can only close it using the eyes/head box, and it doesn't work again for any characters at all until you reload the set. Intermittant too, can't replicate it, but it always happens eventually it seems. The other timeline instances, like Actions, still work after eyes/head messes up, so it seems to be only an issue with that particular function.

So, uh, yeah. Laters.
2011/10/1 21:45:16
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ...and another thing - what, you thought that was it?

While using the timeline, the default focus stays on the last thing you clicked - so if the last thing you did was add a marker, every time you press Space after that you'll create a marker. Shouldn't the focus always default back to Play/Stop? Unless there's a good reason not to, could we have it that way?

And still on that Timeline window...above the Scene and object properties there are big empty grey areas. Could we either put another timeline into them or get rid of them? Also the headers for the Timeline and Cameras windows are pretty redundant unless you're a total newb, and take up yet more space. The Close and Pin buttons could be relocated down into that grey area above the object properties, maybe?

Back to work
2011/9/30 0:52:43
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Okay, having a bit of an issue here with the timeline - by always zooming into the start marker, I keep getting lost in the timeline, and then lose track of wether the numbers refer to seconds or minutes. There's no sense of scale at any zoom level, and no way of knowing where you just zoomed to, which means zooming all the way back out to then try to figure out where you are. And then be unable to zoom back down to where you want to be. Can't we please zoom in/out on the marker instead of the start?

Also, hate to be negative, but can we please have the old timeline (style) back again? And restore the ability to create cue points by clicking on the master timeline? And the ability to drag the master timeline? Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm starting to hate the new timeline, and it's brought me to a grinding halt because it wont let me work the way I have done previously, and I'm not sure how to get around it. The scroll bar is way too clumsy to use to navigate your way along the timeline, but worse than that it's sloooowwwww. And my machine aint slow.

So, I'm with Artpen on this one - the timeline needs some TLC. Or just a good beating with the technology hammer.
2011/9/26 0:37:16
Imported object collision I thought I'd better share this with the greater community - bloody collision detection. Like everyone else above, couldn't get it to work like in the tutorial despite following it step by step. While trying multiple things tonight, I put the UCX_ prefix in again but specifically in capitals rather than just ucx_ - shouldn't make a difference then VOILA!! The bleedin' thing worked. Why the hell does the capitalisation matter?! Ah well, don't care, it works.

So, to recap, make sure to add ucx_ as UCX_ or it won't work. And, to be fair, GlasgowJim did write it like that each time he mentioned it, so it's our own collective faults for not noticing!
2011/9/24 0:00:14
Random requests! Object Mirroring! By that I mean, um, mirroring the object. So it's opposite. Y'know.
2011/9/22 19:02:33
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) 65Radius wrote:
It appears that you cannot save if you have a bomb in your scene (??!?)
edited by 65Radius on 22/09/2011

I thought - that cant be right. So I created a blank scene, created a bomb, tried to save and...nope, Muvizu wont do it. Odd.
2011/9/21 23:50:25
muvizu mogul demands more satire! ROFLMAO
2011/9/21 21:41:54
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) My own experience of the 64 bit version is all positive (famous last words... ) and thanks especially for putting the keyboard shortcuts back in for the timeline zoom. And for bolding up the text - my feeble old eyes can make them out now squint Tried loading up some old sets too, and all's fine there, imported objects as well. I've never actually used Favourites, so can't comment on them (why does everyone use Favourites? Don't get it).

One last thing...not a complaint, just a suggestion - the timeline is very, very plain looking. A beveled edge or two, especially on the buttons, wouldn't go amiss. Some colour too, bit of shading maybe...just sayin'! Big Grin
2011/9/12 0:11:02
mouse cursor jumps off I have a clue here - I have just experienced a similar thing, of a character I tried to move flying off to the back wall of skydome. The reason? I was testing my re-installed graphics tablet. It has never happened before, except once, about 6 months ago, when I tried to use the (then new) tablet with Muvizu and decided against it when it sent things sliding about everywhere. I though the problem was with the tablet being too sensitive to be used with Muvizu, so forgot about it and used the mouse instead.

It's not a mouse problem as such, I think, but one of interaction with a touch surface, like the touchpad on your machine, interfering in some way with Muvizu (even if you're not using it). Short of completely disabling the touchpad, I don't see how you can get around the problem, unfortunately.
2011/9/11 15:00:57
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... New from So You've Been Dumped - a short tutorial on the tricky subject of 'Can Exes Be Friends?'http://www.youtube.com/user/ziggystardust7272#p/a/f/0/g33teBp6ASc
2011/9/11 14:50:59
The Garage Band Blues Concert Series Number 1 So well lit, such an apt use of the animations, so well done. Very controlled shadows too - very clean look Mysto - nice one! rock on
2011/9/5 20:16:04
Recreate your favourite movie scene competition. That is a very good idea Dreeko, and would give me an excuse to do a Muvizu version of a scene from an infamous film that's been on my mind for a while...
2011/9/5 20:08:56
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Ooh, very slick! And I can actually see what's going on without the windows getting in the way - excellent. I have to agree about the font size though - it's just way too small generally (we don't all have 50 inch screens ya know ).

The new walking method with the double click is genius - finally, an easy way to make the little buggers walk in a straight line! (or run - nice touch). It's good that you can 'queue' the next motion before the previous one is finished, to avoid gaps in the animation. I don't see any difference with the Snapping option though - on or off, objects dont seem to behave any differently than they used to. Or am I misunderstanding what it does?

Great stuff with the lighting/shadows options - will take a bit of tweaking, but I'm sure it will lead to some great looking movies in the future.

One last thing - keyboard shortcuts. (serious deja vu here) Could you assign keys to the zoom in/out buttons on the timeline (again) or at least tell us what they are now, since my Saitek setup doesn't correspond to what the program now has as keys for those functions. I spend a LOT of time with the timeline, so I needs me buttons

I've only started investigating the changes, but so far it all looks good (except for the font, which looks like an eye test). Excellent stuff! Applause
2011/8/31 16:20:54
Animate focus distance, DOF or field of view Aww, I wanted to tell him! Just too slow

However, that's a great idea ukBerty - hadn't thought of that. Thanks!
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